Datsun Car: Learn before you buy Datsun Car


Datsun Car

Insurance Policy: When you take insurance for the Datsun Car, the following services are offered:

  • The customer gets the best discount offer from most of the insurance companies in the market.
  • In selected cities, the customer gets the Express claim (3-day) service.
  • The customer gets 100% support for the claims made.
  • Customer can avail the policy in just 5 minutes.

Datsun always keeps risers while designing their cars in mind as the customers want to associate with a brand proudly. The cars of Datsun are boldly designed and are powered up by powerful engines. According to reports, in the business span of 500 years, Datsun has spread its roots in 190 countries with a magnificent sale of over 50 million cars.

Considering the demands of Indians and the tough roads of India, Datsun introduced three cars. The official range of Datsun has got a compact wagon for family and two hatchbacks in India. Datsun Redi-Go, Datsun Go+ and Datsun Go are the three models of Datsun which fulfils the demands of Indian customers. The Datsun cars are powerful, bold and fast.

Models by Datsun

  1. Datsun Redi-Go: Based on the philosophy of YUKAN design, Datsun Redi-Go comes with a sleek and bold design. Datsun Redi-Go is powered up by I-SAT engine with 700 ccs. It comes in 5 variants; Redi-Go 0.8L, Redi-Go, Redi-Go 1.0L, Redi-Go Gold and Redi-Go Smart Drive Auto. Along with this Datsun Redi-Go comes in five different colours; White, Grey, Lime, Silver and Ruby.


  1. Datsun Go+: Datsun Go+ is a perfect family car. The car has got space for a total of 7 passengers including the driver and extra space for boot. With an average mileage of 19.44 kmpl, the comes with a 1.2 Litres engine. Datsun Go+ has a total of five variants (one-anniversary edition + 4 variants). Considering the colour choices of Indians, it is available in White, blue, Silver, Ruby and Grey.


  1. Datsun Go: Datsun Go is powered up by 1200 cc powerful engine along with a robust design and touch of modern technologies. Like Datsun Go+, it comes in five variants (one-anniversary edition + 4 variants). The model is available in White, blue, Silver, Ruby and Grey colours.


  1. What are the add-ons one should look for while renewing the car insurance of Datsun?

Ans: Zero Depreciation, Engine Protector and Return to Invoice are few add-ons which you can look out for while renewing the insurance

  1. From where should one buy or renew the car insurance of Datsun?

Ans: You can buy the insurance for your Datsun from an agent, a broker or directly from the insurance company. While online insurance policy offers additional benefits as compared to other means.

  1. If the insurance of Datsun Car gets expired, what will happen?

Ans: You will have to renew the insurance policy immediately otherwise you will have to pay penalty, even for a single day.

  1. What will happen if the wrong information is provided during the insurance of Datsun?

Ans: If you do so, you will have to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the papers won’t be valid for the insured car.

  1. Does engine capacity decide premium of the car?

Ans: Yes, it does depend on the capacity of the engine of your car. The cost of the insurance is directly related to its capacity, if the car is of higher capacity, the charge will be high and vice-versa.


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