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5 Interesting Facts About Christmas Eve

Christmas is right around the corner. The time of the year when family and friends come together to celebrate an evening decorated with lights, Christmas trees, gifts and stories of the birth of Jesus Christ. Let’s throw some light upon the top 5 interesting facts about this holiday.

1. Really the birth of Jesus?

We all know 25th December a.k.a Christmas as the birth date of Jesus Christ. However, many contradict the same and propose Christmas to derive from the festival Saturnalia celebrated hundreds of years ago. This is believed for there is no mention of 25th December being the conceiving date of Jesus Christ in Bible or other historical manuscripts.

2. Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

We all bring evergreen fir tree to our homes, decorate it and consider it as one the integral parts of christmas celebration. The first registers use of Christmas tree dates back to 1400s in Latvia. The tree symbolises life i.e. the birth of Jesus Christ. It was also used specifically as a strategy to take away the traditional meaning of Christmas i.e. booze and reckless behaviours into a family holiday. The movement was commenced by Victorian highbrows.

3. Santa

The legend of Santa Claus is no mystery to us. Especially for kids, for them the meaning of Christmas is Santa Claus and gifts. Fact is, the fictitious character is based on St. Nicholas. It is believed that St. Nicholas used to adore kids and surprised them with gifts. The tradition has since been followed and the legend has gained popularity throughout time and space. Which was once a year news paper advertisement is a celebration now.

4. Carrols


On the Christmas day small group of people travel door to door and sing the Christmas Carols.

But why do they do that? Well, Carols were sung 1000’s of years ago in Europe but not as Carrols, more as winter songs during the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice. Later there were Christmas songs written by various European composers. The Carols depict a strong message of togetherness and warmth among each other.

5. The popular song was a threat

The song “ we wish you Merry Christmas” was, at its inception, meant to be a threat. Christmas being a form of the adult party in its early times, the song was sung by service class individuals to demand alcohol from their masters. As times changed Christmas became more of a family holiday and the song became a Christmas carol. So, next time you sing the song remember it implied  “we won’t go until we get some” in ancient times.


A pagan celebration turned family festival, Christmas has seen various controversies and tension from time to time. Counted as one of the most celebrated festivals of all times. From Christmas Carols to Santa Claus every concept of Christmas has a predetermined meaning. An auspicious occasion celebrating friendship, family, joy of giving, togetherness and more. Enjoy your “day off” ( a recent implication) with your loved ones, listening to Christmas carols and devouring the Christmas cake.


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