Combating Hair Loss


Hair loss is an issue that most people will face at some point in their life. When the signs first start appearing, it can be easy to ignore them. However, if left untreated these signs will eventually become too big to ignore. Luckily, there are several different ways that men and women can combat hair loss and its effects.

Try different hair products

Hair products can be an effective weapon in the fight against hair loss. When you first start noticing the signs of hair loss, it is important to look at what products you are already using. Some hair products contain a variety of chemicals which can be harmful to hair when used too much, sometimes these chemicals can even irreversibly damage hair. Look for products which contain natural ingredients such as vitamins and essential oils, not only will these products help to give you healthier hair, but they may even undo some of the damage done by harmful chemicals.

When searching for new hair products, it is important to remember that there is not going to be a magical formula. Any difference will take time and not everything will work for everyone. Using thickening shampoos and conditioners when you first start noticing your hair thinning could make a huge difference. These products are specifically designed by companies to try to thicken hair, not regrow it. If you wish to try and regrow hair, there are several over the counter products that pharmacies sell such as Regaine, a medically licensed hair loss treatment available for men and women.


Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is similar to a massage on your neck or shoulders. However, instead of relieving stress or tension, this massage aims to increase hair thickness. The biggest difference between a scalp massage and other types of massages is that it is done in a more gentle manner, usually only the fingertips will be used. Research suggests that regular scalp massages result in an increase of hair thickness for participants. It is thought that regular scalp massages encourage growth by stretching the hair follicles to produce thicker hair. Be careful though, rubbing vigorously will instead result in your hair breaking.


The benefits of using a scalp massage should be clear, it is an inexpensive and effective method of promoting hair growth. You can do it yourself at home, seek out a professional and even find a scalp massaging tool which mimics the motion of the fingertips. Besides its convenience, the scalp massage is excellent for reducing migraines and headaches. It results in an increase of serotonin which helps fight the frequency of headaches and migraines. There are a variety of scalp massage techniques, some just require the use of fingers whilst others need specific massaging tools and essential oils.


Avoid certain hairstyles



There is no question that some hairstyles accentuate hair loss more than others. If you are trying to minimize the appearance of hair loss, then you will need to avoid certain styles of cut. Generally, hairstyles that are cropped closer to the head will help to minimize the appearance of hair loss. This is because they draw more attention to your face, rather than the evolving hairline. Longer hairstyles are not always the best idea when facing possible hair loss, they can draw attention to the thinner areas. Holding onto previous styles is also not a good way to combat hair loss as they can make loss appear more conspicuous. You will also want to be careful when parting your hair, sporting the dreaded combover is something that nobody wants to do. If you are parting from the center, your hair is likely to look much more thin due to spreading already thinning hair across a wider area.

Consider a transplant

If other methods are not working for you, perhaps it is time to consider a hair transplant. This is an effective method which takes hair follicles from the donor area and places them on the balding part of the scalp. This process is incredibly effective at treating permanent hair loss. A hair transplant is not just effective at treating balding areas on the scalp either, it can be used to treat eyebrows, eyelashes and even chest hair. Hair transplants are becoming increasingly accessible for people, the UK hair transplant cost is often much lower than people think. Costs can range from anything from £3,000 to £15,000, it can be dependent on the amount of hair necessary to transplant and the complexity of the procedure.

The one benefit that comes from the cost is that it is usually a one-off procedure, which means you will not have to keep getting transplants as you get older. Although people should exhaust all other options before coming to the conclusion that natural growth is impossible, the benefits of a hair transplant are clear. The procedure is simple and incredibly efficient, hair will naturally grow on the scalp once more. Potential drawbacks include possible scarring left by the procedure and a recovery process that includes challenges such as swelling, bruising and even infection.

Accept it!

Perhaps the best thing that somebody with thinning hair can do! Although nobody wants to lose their hair prematurely, the fact is that it can happen. Sometimes it is best not to fight a losing battle and instead embrace it! While it means that you will have to do certain things a little differently, thinning hair is certainly not the end of the world. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about when it comes to hair loss, it is simply a natural process that will affect pretty much everyone at some point during their lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Fighting hair loss is not easy and it feels like a losing battle at times. However, there are several things that can help you in your fight. Economical solutions such as scalp massages and hair products have been known to make a difference to people’s hair, though treatments such as hair transplants are much more effective. Some people forgo all the treatments and instead focus on embracing hair loss.

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