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The A to Z of Designing Your House and change your home lifestyle

The term home decor means the process involved in decorating your flat or house and making it feel like home. Interior decor doesn’t just mean applying a fresh coat of paint and buying a bunch of furniture for your living space, and then placing it wherever you want. It entails a lot more than that.

You can view this as a journey of building a cohesive, aesthetic, and functional living environment. It is very important that your flat or bungalow feels like home. A sense of belongingness is very important.

Without this sense of belongingness, you won’t feel good in your house. If you don’t feel good in your house, you won’t be productive or feel motivated.

How to start your lifestyle?

The journey of designing your house or condo can seem quite daunting. Here are a few things you can do to stay on track and actually enjoy this journey of interior decor:

  • Fix the color scheme and aesthetic: It’s a great idea to have a clear vision of what you’d like your living space to look like before actually purchasing any furniture, paint or decor items. You can look online for home decor pieces, especially furniture and showpieces. You can even visit home decor stores. Think of this as your research phase. You can create a vision board to keep you on track!
  • Measurements are important: After you have a vision board of how you want to decorate your apartment, the next thing you should do is measure the wall space and floor space. This will help you when you’re purchasing furniture by ensuring that you buy furniture that will actually fit in your house or apartment.
  • Budget: Sort your finances before you start purchasing anything. It is a great idea to allot a certain amount for this project. You will stay on track this way. Furthermore, you won’t end up overspending on one particular item and then have very little to spend on other items.
  • Prioritization: Another very important task on your to-do list before you actually start buying anything is to prioritize which room you want to decorate first. If you do not like a room-wise approach to decorating your home, you can even plan how you want to execute the process.

For example, the first step can be painting the walls and ceiling. The second step can be working on the flooring. The third step can be placing all the main furniture pieces in the appropriate place.

Smart ways to ensure optimal utilization of your space

Here are some great home decor ideas so that you can fully utilize the amount of space that you have in your bungalow or condo:

  • Mirrors: Apart from buying a mirror for your bathroom, which is essential, mirrors are great for other rooms in a living space too. Mirrors are especially great if you’re living in an apartment which has small rooms. Wall hanging mirrors are amazing because they can make a room look bigger than it actually is.
  • Textured walls: A great way to make your apartment unique is to have wall in your bedroom and living room that is textured. You can have three plain walls and one textured wall.
  • Flooring: Having unique flooring is a fantastic way to make your apartment stand out. You can get your floor painted in a unique pattern or opt for wooden flooring. Marble flooring can look stunning in a bungalow.
  • Ceiling to floor shelving unit: If you have a lot of books and you don’t want to keep them in cardboard boxes, a great way to use them for decorating your home is by opting for a ceiling to floor shelving unit. This can create the illusion of higher ceilings and add a lot of your color to your living room.

Budget-friendly ways to design your home

If you’ve allocated a small budget for your home designing project, do not worry. Here are a few cheap home decor ideas to beautify your house on a budget!

  • Make a list of things you can reuse: One of the best ways to save money while designing your home is to reuse home decor items that you already own. You can make a list of all the main pieces like sofa set, dining table, cupboard, etc., that you can reuse. You can even reuse the smaller home decor items.
  • Do-it-yourself projects: This is another great way to save a lot of money. Not only can save a lot of money this way, but you can also bring out your creative side. Dream catchers are an amazing DIY project for your bedroom. You can paint pictures on a canvas and hang it up on any of your walls. You can paint glass bottles and use them as a flower vase.
  • Lighting: Buying a smart light bulb or a bunch of fairy lights are great for adding that bit of magic to your home, on a budget. String lights and smart lights are both affordable. The best thing is that string lights are available in various colours.
  • Discounts: Sales are great. It is the best way to save money. When it comes to buying home decor, it is a great idea to look both online and visit stores. If you want to find to out about an upcoming sale, just google ‘home decor stores near me’. Visit those stores near you and ask the salespeople for any upcoming sale. You can visit the stores when there’s a sale going on to buy what you want.
  • Spray paint: If you want to reuse a table that you already own, but you don’t like the polish, don’t be disheartened. You can buy spray paint that can be used on furniture and change the color of that furniture piece to suit the color palette and style of your apartment.

Remember all these hacks and tips, and begin your interior decoration journey! You will definitely stay on track and enjoy this process with these aforementioned pointers in mind.

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