5 Most Feature enriched Backpacks for the Indian Market structure


For surviving in an Indian market situation the backpacks built must be of a tough and useful nature. If the backpacks are extremely handy yet do not bring with it a huge price tag then the producer can rest assured, because the Indian market will cherish their products. Now in the world of many sellers and even more buyers each company tries to outrank all others in terms of quality of goods and services.

Here we’ve discussed the Top 5 candidates of the most useful backpacks in a variety of situations within a normal price range.  In the Indian Market three thousand rupees is a reasonable amount for a bag, and each bag featured here cost less than that.


  • F Gear Luxur 25l Backpack:

This backpack, presented by F Gear sets the style standard for black backpacks everywhere. Designed with a mix of leather and cloth this backpack is hardy, stylish and has ample amounts of space. The bag is divided into 4 zipped compartments along with a water-bottle carrier. The last chain is a laptop sleeve with special foam padded back and straps. Separate compartment for books and notes are present, as well as two small zipped compartments in the front for the little things. Overall this Backpack is quite the value for money.


  • United Colors of Benetton A03-Basic Backpack:

United Colors of Benetton have dubbed this as a range of basic backpacks; well they are correct since this series feature a variety of bags in different colors but same basic features. These have been discussed in detail.  Sometimes the classics work best, this backpack features a classic one zipped mega compartment of huge dimensions to carry all your  belongings.

An inbuilt laptop-sleeve is present inside which can store upto an 18.5 inch laptop, which is larger than most modern backpacks offer. The company also realizes the need for compartmentalization so two separate smaller zipped compartments are present in the front, for added space and privy of things.

  • Puma 7375802 Polyester Backpack:

This backpack captures the essence of the Puma company, the bag is super light as it is made up of Polyester and is designed with style. The polyester also ensures that the bag will not rip or be damaged easily and the colors will not fade with the passage of time.  This bag features 2 primary zipped compartments, along with a laptop sleeve, an extra external zip-pocket with quick clasp closure. It also features two wire mesh water bottle holders on both sides and a padded back and straps.


  • Wildcraft Lih 29l Laptop Backpack:

Wildcraft backpack reviews put this bag as one of the best products of the company at a value for price. With the name Wildcraft come the assurance of quality guarantee, and this isn’t an exception. The backpack is expertly crafted with top quality materials and craftsmanship. It features two main zipped compartments for carrying everyday objects. The second larger chain also features a laptop sleeve which can store a 14” laptop with essentials. Two smaller compartments, both zipped are present at the front of the bag which may serve to carry smaller items. Separation of compartments this way also helps in prioritization and ease of access.

  • Fastrack 25l Large Backpack:

This backpack introduced by Fastrack is immense in volume and carry a large number of articles, especially due to its sophisticated compartmentalized design. The major compartment is not zipped but instead held in place by a protective layer which is joint by a couple of adjustable straps. The sheer volume of the main compartment can fit all your things. But for ease of access a front section has been made using wire-mesh, leather and a zipper. This zipper effectively separates the front section into 4 small unique compartments. Available in a multitude of colors, this is a must-buy.

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