The 5 Most Popular Loafers for Men Who Dig Fashion


The 5 Most Popular Loafers for Men 

Loafers are eternal in their share of style and never manage to go out of fashion. They are smart, they are classy, they are casual, they are formal; they can surface in a new avatar with every passing season. With men today, putting in considerable amount of attention to their style and fashion needs, one of the most major sections of consideration that has been noticed is the footwear. With the loafers extending a huge variety of look options to adopt, it has slowly, yet steadily reached the top of the popularity ladder, when it comes to choosing footwear for men.  Clarks loafers India along with some other leading brands make to the top list loafer designers in the country.

  1. Church’s Navada Loafers:

Quality, suave, style and fashion, all sculpted into this beautiful piece of footwear. The loafers are carved from Navada Calf Leather and secured tightly with extremely strong and a darker hued shoe string. This loafer from the heritage brand of Chirch’s comes in a rich walnut colour and goes exceedingly well with a beige trousers, white jeans, cream shirts or navy suits. Not only is this, one of the most stylish loafers you can manage to get your hands on, but they are also one of the most comfortable ones to allow your feet to work and rest in.

There is a significant cork layer, placed strategically in between the outer and inner sole, ensuring optimum comfort, by adjusting to the wearer’s feet. To top it all, the leather lining, prevents the formation of perspiration, even in most humid temperatures.

  1. Clarks loafers India– Suede Gray

Clark’s has been rising as the best footwear brand in the country. Based in the UK, it has the highest accumulation of styles, varieties and colours, putting out something or the other, for the fashion lover in you to pick from. The Clarks loafers India are absolute stand outs, with the Clarks Grey Loafer being one of the hottest picks.

It oozes comfort and style, casualness and suave all at once. The fact that the footwear is made out of suede leather, makes it the perfect wear in humid and high temperature conditions. The loafers are light yet durable and are definitely the perfect contrast between classic and contemporary styles and looks. They are the perfect addition to your summer look.

  1. ASOS Suede Loafers

One of the brands, that has been creating quite a stir in the indigenous footwear market is ASOS with its Suede Loafers. These loafers are drop dead gorgeous. They were designed to meet all your style dreams. If you thought that loafers did not go with casual wear, ASOS changes your concept once and for all. These Suede Loafers in shades of tan, brown, black and navys are the perfect match with your denims, casual pants, shorts, chinos, etc. The Suede loafer is a great pick for regular wear and brings the perfect bohemian look when teamed with a vintage t-shirt and folded back jeans.

  1. Clarks loafers India– Marcos Drive Black Casual Shoes

This variant of the loafers produced by Clarks is the best amalgamation of formal and casual wear.

The use of leather and the simple articulacy of the styling make it the perfect thing to wear on summer evenings, teamed with blue denims and collared, printed t-shirt. The leather exterior, takes the look and durability of these loafers up by a few notches. The soles are curated to fit the wearer and bring upon utmost comfort.

  1. Gucci Horsebit Suede Loafers

Gucci has some of the most attractive loafers to offer. Not only formal footwear, Gucci has been spending quite some time developing attractive and casual styles like the Horsebit Suede Loafers. These buckled front design pulled by Gucci on these loafers remain a favourite worldwide. This Mid Blue Suede pair of loafers can be paired beautifully with crisp white linen shirts and blue denims, or light beige trousers and pastel blue or pink shirts. These are also great for semi-formal occasions like a derby or a Sunday brunch with colleagues.

Pick the loafers you like the best and step out of your home in style, every single day for the rest of the summer.

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