The 5 Most Popular Wildcraft Backpacks for Indian Market


A backpack, as we all know, is a sack like structure made of cloth which is carried on one’s back. They are highly popular among students and hikers, as these bags help them to carry any kind of heavy load with great convenience. These bags ensure that there is a lot of space to carry the essential things. Backpacks are broadly classified into four categories: frameless, external frame, internal frame and body pack.


All the designs are equally popular and people are always on the lookout for a good backpack to serve their needs. Wildcraft is a famous backpack manufacturer who has a variety of spacious and affordable backpacks. All these are available in a great number of designs as well.

The most desirable features of these backpacks are their durability and sturdiness. Ideally useful for business trips as well as short trips to the mountains, these backpacks are available in graphic designs as well. T

he backpacks are manufactured keeping in mind all kind of weather conditions as a huge variety of waterproof backpacks are also available. Laptop backpacks are also there which have a lot of compartments suiting the individual needs of the users. The Wildcraft backpacks not only ensure full safety of all the products inside but also help in creating a style statement. Now, we will discuss about the most popular Wildcraft backpacks online India.

Wildcraft Multicolor Hopper 30 L Laptop Backpack

This Multicolor Hopper Backpack is available in a very interesting variety of colors like orange and lemon green. The bags are so spacious that carrying important things is no more a trouble. Available in a very affordable price, these backpacks can suit almost any kind of occasion and situation. Creating an impeccable style statement, these bags also have mesh pockets and laptop sleeve. It is multifunctional and serves well as an organizer to keep a lot of things. Made of fabric which is highly durable, it maintains toughness to a great level.


Stride EQ Olive



This is another popular product in the category of Wildcraft backpacks online India. Available in a very affordable price range, this bag boasts of a double compartment with many multipurpose pockets. There is a side mesh pocket, a front pocket and an organizer. Most importantly, the comfort of the customers has been kept in mind as the back is entirely padded with cushion. The shoulder straps do not move at all as a result of which, the one carrying it finds it very easy to bear this bag.


Wildcraft Utility 2 2016 Brown 30 Polyester Casual Backpack

If one is on a lookout for a very good backpack and an equally reputed company manufacturing it, one can opt for Wildcraft Utility 2 2016 Brown 30 Polyester Casual Backpack. This product is one of the finest in the backpack categories. Black attracts many and keeping this fact in mind, a black colored product like this has been launched. It has all the ideal features of a backpack and is again a good choice when one wants a backpack in an affordable range.


Wildcraft Junior 2 Blue 22 Polyester Casual Backpack

Keeping in mind the needs of the junior members of our family, Wildcraft has special products for them also. Their lives are colorful so here comes this special product, which is available in a bright color combination. The price is not only affordable but an expenditure worth the delight. This backpack gives the juniors a chance to pack their things of importance including their personal laptops. This is one of the most popular Wildcraft backpacks online India.


Wildcraft Junior 2 Multi Color 22 Polyester Casual Backpack


Another product in this category, meant exclusively for the younger ones, is Wildcraft Junior 2 Multi Color 22 Polyester Casual Backpack. This is another highly desirable backpacks and one will find happiness in their child’s eyes when gifted with this product.