7 Loafers every Fashionable Men needs in their Life


Loafers are a unique level of footwear in both terms of sophistication and comfort. The design ensures that the shoes can be easily slipped on, and decoration ensures a level of class and aesthetic appeal.


  • Clarks Medley Sun Leather Loafer:

The promoter of stylish loafers, Clarks loafers men’s India has always made stylish shoes. The Medley Sun is completely made out of high grade leather to withstand the elements. Ridge like stitching and a white Rubber sole ensures the longevity of the loafer. Designed to both look good and feel good, it does the job brilliantly.

  • CROCS Beach Line Navy Blue:

Another great design by CROCS, this loafer is the ultimate sporty beach wear. It is made up of new age plastic-based materials designed to be both water-resistant and heat resistant. The thick rubber sole ensures the wearer to not feel discomfort while walking over sand. There are present two stylish slits on either side of the loafers to drain the sand if the need arises. Cleverly designed with decent materials and aesthetic appeal this piece of footwear is a must have.

Buyers also have red as a choice of color.


  • LEE COOPER Blue Loafers:

The renowned apparel company, LEE COOPER has now set their sights on a new target, footwear. Their products are a curious mix of both sneakers and loafers. The entirety of the body is made out of lightweight, long-lasting comfortable material to ensure the wearer maximum satisfaction. The body is brilliantly designed with vibrant shades of blue and is quite pleasing on the eyes. The inside is insulated and appropriately padded for maximum comfort. Since it’s a sporty version of a loafer the insoles are specially sweat absorbent.

  • CLARKS Orson Lace Navy Blue Loafers:

Another great product made available by Clarks loafers men’s India. This sophisticated design is based off of regular office boots but with a stylish twist. The laces on top are faux, since the shoe is slip-on and the contrast colored rubber sole are part of the charm. Built to provide your needs for a long and time and never go out of style. This can be paired with jeans and chinos flawlessly.


  • S. POLO ASSN. Loafers:

U.S. POLO ASSN. has made their fair share of summer comfort ware. Now their range of loafers also merges into that stream. Available in a multitude of colors these loafers are specially designed to hug your feet.  The contours are suited to snugly fit your feet and ends with a high tip. The grip is teethed and designed to maximize its utility. The top is made up of velvety smooth material and high cross stitches in a contrasting color, the ideal look for loafers. The heel is elegantly designed and reinforced by another piece of overlapping cloth. The ridges are lined with a special band design which while increasing aesthetic appeal also keep the shoe in place effectively.

  • ALDO Decarli Black Loafers:

These designer loafers from ALDO are just what you need for a night out. Made with crisp black material that is designed to cling to your feet in a comfy manner. The outlook has been kept playing on the darker themes, the entire top is black with narrow streaks of grey string at the sewing lines, even the sole is a shade of dark murky brown. Deviating from the usual track this Loafer though dark outshines most.


  • Bugatti Navy Blue Loafers:

Despite the name, this loafer is not designed by supercar developers but still resembles that in look. Stunningly stylish and made with lightweight material this loafer is really a value for money. The sole and grip are custom built, as well as the front portion. The entire shoe is separated into two segments, futuristic smooth material on the tip and smooth cloth on the heel.