Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Formal Shirt.


For men who are buying their own clothes, it is very easy to make a choice of Louis Philippe formal shirts online from the plethora of options available. However, for those who have been dependent on someone else’s opinion in choosing formal shirts for themselves, giving them some pointers on how to choose a formal shirt becomes necessary so that they will not err when they choose for themselves.

Merchandise in a retail store are so displayed so that the customer gets attracted towards the top brands. This is the art of selling without forcing the customer to buy. Perched atop the most visible shelf, a formal shirt, which hangs tantalizingly from a rung, compels the customer to buy it.


Things to keep in mind while buying a formal shirt

However, one should avoid doing this, when conducting a purchase. Then the question comes: what to look for when buying a formal shirt? One should look at the following important points when buying a formal shirt for himself: the fabric, stitching and trims; the size; the fit; the style; the collars; cuffs; plackets; button down; etc.

The fabric; collar and cuffs and the stitching are the three basic components of a formal shirt. When one holds the shirt against bright light, it should not seem hairy. If it does not then the shirt is of good quality. Only a flannelled shirt or one made with a special fabric is meant to be hairy and appear so under bright lights. The collars and cuffs should have a smooth finish without any bends or bubbles. Both the collars should look symmetrical. As far as the stitching’s are concerned, they should be in a straight line with no loop formation along the stitches. The distance between parallel stitches should be the same all along the seams. A good shirt will have 23-25 stitches per inch (spi). Check if the labels, buttons and buttonholes are sewn properly with the buttons positioned at the center of the buttonholes.


You should be aware of the size that fits you properly. Normally the collar sizes are mentioned in both inches and centimeters on the shirt. One should know his or her collar size when buying a formal shirt.

When talking of the fitting, the shirt should be such that it fits snugly on the body. It is neither very tight nor very loose. People with V-shaped bodies should wear slim fit shirts. Those who are a little well endowed around the middle region should always go in for a loose fitting shirt. The shoulders should fit properly on your body. The armholes area should not be very tight to cause trouble when moving the hand, while it should not be so loose that it gives the person a saggy look while standing with your arms by your sides.

In a shirt, the style revolves around the collars, cuffs, pockets and the button placket area. The collars can be either regular; semi-cut or full cut away. Collars are available in the form of double cuff, square cut; single cuff, round cut; single cuff, diamond cut. Plackets also may or may not be there. A button down shirt is when the collar tips are buttoned down to the body of the shirt. You can use any of the above permutations and combinations while getting your clothes made or bought.


Thus, we have seen the important points to be kept in mind when choosing a formal shirt for your office wear. If you remember, only some of the precautions taken by the user then it is better you go in for a second reading of the above article.