How To Choose The Best Striped Shirts?


Whites are definitely classic in their appeal and look elegant in any occasion. The problem is that the white does not stay for a long time. As time passes, the white color loses its luster and appears dull. Fashion can be redefined if some stripes are chosen, instead. They can also help one to look stylish and create a style statement of one’s own. Not only, does it have all the advantages one can enjoy from a white shirt but is also more durable.

The Various Types

There are broadly two categories of striped shirts. One is with the horizontal stripes whereas other is with the vertical stripes. Here, the body type has to be kept in mind as whether the horizontal or the vertical stripes will look good, depends on your body shape. The stripes are in a great way responsible for making a man look thin or fat.

A short- heighted man will generally go for a vertical stripe whereas a man with a bulky structure will opt for the horizontal stripes. Though this is a popular belief, exceptions are generally there where people on either cases look good wearing the shirts with different stripes.

The Colors

A striped shirt will only look good if the colors used are not too bold. If the purpose is looking different, then bold colored stripes can be chosen, but not when it is to worn for a formal or semi-formal shirts purpose. Only, those colors should be chosen which suit the complexion of the wearer. The colors should not look too bright and bold specially when it is to be worn by a tall man.

The Size Of The Stripes

The stripes should not be wider than a thumb size. Wider stripes than these will not only look too garish but is also not something fashionable. Wider stripes are more suitable for t-shirts or other casual wear.

The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of The Striped Shirts

The versatility of the striped shirts makes them as popular as they are. They can be worn on almost all occasions and suit every style statement. They can be either dressed down or up. If you want your overall appearance to create a magic among the beholders, striped ones are the best choice. They are available in a plethora of color combinations and designs. The stripes can be designed in unique styles, each having a different appeal.

A leather suit or a jacket, when combined with a striped shirt looks wonderful and helps you to stun the onlookers. The stripes can be worn with almost every color and so there is no need for you to worry about the right pants or jackets to match it with. Wearing a striped shirt gives one the tag of a fashion icon, as one can look brilliantly professional with these shirts.

The Types Available In The Market

As already discussed, the stripes are generally of two types, the horizontal and the vertical. The fashion designers have made the striped shirts very popular by mixing and matching different other styles with them. Some of the striped shirts have a monochrome color which is very soft in look and add subtleness to the shirts.

The sleeves are also quite experimented with. In case of horizontal stripes, experts suggest not to go for much bold combinations as this destroys the appearance in whole. Mostly the stripes are in a bold color on a white background. Suppose both the stripes and the base are bold, then it will be good only for Halloween parties or a fun do. Proper accessories like a jacket, tie or a suit can transform the entire personality.