How to Match Office Trousers with Formal Shirts for that Perfect Wall Street Look?


The formal wardrobe has undergone a plethora of changes and is re-emerging as one of the most stylish fashion trends in the market all thanks to brands like Louis Philippe formal shirts and trousers, Turtle, Nautica, Peter England and many more. But there are a whole bunch of people who still remain in any which way, unaffected by the change, still depending on the judgement of family members, especially the Y chromosome holders in the house to sort that bit out.


In case that you too fall under this category and have your wife or mother, pick out your everyday office wear for you, be assured, you are not alone. Read on to find some of the best ways to pair your office trousers with formal shirts for that perfect Wall Street look and to put those days of office fashion dilemma in the past.

  1. Contrasting Colours-

One of the best ways to pull across a smart yet trendy formal look is by opting for contrasting colours. Contrast has always been in fashion and will also continue to be in the future. The trick here is to settle for a lighter a contrast between a lighter shade and a darker hue, which contrast each other, without breaking the balance of the look. It is a better idea to settle for a lighter shaded shirt and a dark shaded trouser. If done otherwise, the look might as well back fire. You can pair the look with a tie of your choice; again keep the contrasting element in mind.

Some of the lighter hued shorts that might fit this look well are- Beige, Whites and pastel shades like baby pink or sky blue. Darker trousers that will go exceedingly well with the shirts above are- Navy, brown, black, camel and electric, respectively. Louis Philippe formal shirts and trousers give you enough options to choose your favourite contrasting look.

  1. Complementing Fabrics

A great way to feel stylish as well as comfortable throughout the day in formals is by choosing the right fabric to wear. The fabric is a contributing factor to the colour of the garment as well, since all colours behave and reflect differently with different fabric. For instance, linen or pure cotton is by far the favourite amongst men’s formal wear. It is light and comfy, smart and helps to pull of that crisp formal look oh so well. It pairs randomly and beautifully with a plethora of bottom wear options.

  1. Checks and patterns with Louis Philippe formal shirts and trousers

If you love your patterns and your checks, the modern formal style Gods allow you to incorporate them in your wardrobe quite well. When choosing patterns or checks for your formal look, there are certain rules that all should abide by. If you are more on the wider side, with a stout physique, it is advisable that you settle for stripes and minimalistic, small patterns. This helps to lean you down a bit. In case that you are already on the leaner side, the best option is settle for larger checks and chunkier patterns, these will give you the required mass.

Also when wearing a checked, striped or patterned shirt, make sure you pair it with a solid coloured trouser. When aiming for any of the patterns mentioned above for your trousers, be perfectly sure that they are minimal. You will find oodles of variety in this section with Turtle, John Players, Peter England, Van Heusen and Louis Philippe formal shirts and trousers.

  1. Universal Colours

The safest way to pull off the chic formal look is by straightway opting for the universal colours. These colours include- Navy, Grey, Cream, Black and Khaki. Get your trousers and shirts in different shades of these colours and you are sorted.

  1. Evergreen and Safe pairings of Louis Philippe formal shirts and trousers

There are a few evergreen combinations that do well under every setting. White and black, cream and grey, beige and navy are all examples of evergreen pairings.

Opting for these tips will help you come overcome the loopholes in your office look and present yourself better.