What Makes Louis Phillipe Formal Shirts So Popular?


Louis Phillipe is a brand that’s exceptionally well known for its fabulous and flawless formal shirts. Gaining popularity amongst professionals and corporates, this brand has a wide range of formal shirts that are of top quality, extremely trendy, have an excellent fit and are an absolute must have. Now you must be wondering what is it that makes the Louis Phillipe formal shirts so popular? We have complied a list of reasons why Louis Phillipe shirts are a cut above the rest. Here’s exactly what you need to know.



  1. Great Fits

When selecting a formal shirt, it is essential that the purchaser select a fit that best suits his body type and style. Louis Phillipe has a wide range of shirt fits to offer its patrons. From a comfort fit, to a slim fit and various other styles, there is something here for every body type. So it doesn’t matter whether the buyer has a well built body or is more on the lean side, whatever kind of formal shirt he is looking for, he will definitely find one in the Louis Phillipe range of formal shirts.


  1. Variety Of Fabrics

Another excellent feature about Louis Phillipe formal shirts collection is that they are available in more than one fabric. Besides simple cotton shirts, purchasers can choose from the options of linen, broadcloth, poplin and various other fabrics. This way one doesn’t need to resort to alternate brands during the winter months or summer months. Formal shirts for all kinds of weather conditions are available with this tremendously popular brand.


  1. Wide Range Of Styles

Men of different shapes and sizes have different preferences in their shirt styles. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one style won’t suit all. Louis Phillipe formal shirts collection has a wide range of formal shirt styles for their patrons to choose from. From a variety of collar choices (spread, straight point, button down and others), to shirts with cuffs, full sleeve shirts, half sleeve shirts and various other style options, there is something here for all tastes and preferences.



  1. Select A Colour Of Your Choice

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a formal shirt is choosing the right colour. While some skin tones are able to sport darker colours, others will be able to sport only lighter colours. A great feature of the Louis Phillipe formal shirts collection is that the shirts come in a variety of different colours and shades to choose from. The formal shirts are available in white, beige, lilac, black, brown, pink, purple, green, yellow, red and various other colours.


  1. Excellent Quality

One major reason why Louis Phillipe shirts are tremendously popular is because they are of excellent quality. Customers find that these shirts are long lasting, do not fade easily, do not tear and do not face shrinkage. When buying a formal shirt, it is essential that you find one that can last you for long periods of time. The quality feature of the Louis Phillipe formal shirt collection makes it extremely popular amongst professionals and corporates across the globe.


All in all, there are a variety of things that need to be taken into consideration before one buys a formal shirt. The style, fitting, fabrics, quality, availability of colours all make a massive difference to the customer. Louis Phillipe is a well renowned brand that offers all these features in their formal shirts.

It is this combination of features that makes the formal shirt collection of the brand tremendously popular and famous. Louis Phillipe also is reasonably priced, keeps up to the market trends and styles and most importantly has something to satisfy all its customers preferences and tastes.