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The Hottest Selling And Most Popular Fabindia Kurtas For Men


Fabindia is one of the most popular and leading ethnic wear brands in the country. This brand has gradually expanded its outlets across the country and across the globe. NRIs are also truly loyal to this brand and swear by it for their ethnic wear shopping. Fabindia has a wide range of men’s wear options to offer its patrons.

The men’s kurtas designed by this brand sell like hot cakes. They are comfortable, long lasting and extremely soft. There are three main different types of men’s kurtas that Fabindia has to offer. We have compiled the features of these three kinds and made it easy for you to find one that best suits your requirement. Here’s what you need to know about the Fabindia kurtas for men.

  1. Long Kurtas

The long kurtas for men offered by Fabindia are typically knee length and look best when worn with a salwaar. Available in a wide range of captivating colours, these kurtas have an excellent fit, are available in an array of sizes and fabrics. Some of the colours these kurtas are available in include black, blue, magenta, white, beige, pink and various other colours.


In terms of various fabrics, these men’s kurtas are available in cotton, silk, linen, khaki and various others. For those of you who don’t have the time to get out and find a Fabindia outlet, you can even buy these kurtas online. All you need to do is type in Fabindia kurtas buy online India on your browser’s search bar and you will be redirected to the official Fabindia webpage.

  1. Short Kurtas

The second type of men’s kurtas Fabindia has to offer are there short kurtas. The short kurtas are best worn on jeans or trousers. They come available in full sleeves, half sleeves and roll up sleeves. They are also available in two kinds of collars, the regular collar and the Chinese collar.

In terms of fabric, the short men’s kurtas of Fabindia come in cotton, cotton khadi, blends and silk. The kurtas come in a wide range of colours too. From blues to beiges, greens, greys, pinks and various other colours, there is something here to suit all kinds of skin tones. Additionally you can buy these kurtas online by simply typing in Fabindia kurtas buy online India into your phone browser.

  1. Super Short Kurtas

Last but not least are the super short men’s kurtas collection by Fabindia. These kurtas almost have the look and feel of a shirt. They look best worn over a pair of jeans or trousers. The two fabrics that the super short kurtas are available in are blends and cottons. They come in a variety of patterns such as stripes, solids, prints and embroidered.


Majority of the super short kurtas designed by Fabindia have a Chinese collar. In terms of colours, customers can choose from shades of reds, purples, greens, blues, greys, beiges, blacks and various other options.

These kurtas come in the option of long sleeves, roll up sleeves and half sleeves. Besides the Fabindia website, the kurtas are available on most of your favourite online shopping websites. All you need to do is type in Fabindia kurtas buy online India onto your browser’s search bar and you will get a list of shopping websites to choose from.

All in all, the Fabindia men’s kurtas are extremely popular and worth purchasing. They make the perfect gift too. They can be worn for almost any occasion and are reasonably and affordably priced.

The quality of Fabindia kurtas is pretty much unsurpassable and the long lasting feature of these kurtas make them an absolute hit with customers. The kurtas don’t fade over time and no Indian man’s wardrobe is complete without a few of Fabindia’s kurtas in it.

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