The Best Value For Money Wildcraft Backpacks You Can Go For!


If you are planning to buy a backpack for yourself, you will need to keep the following three factors in mind:

  • Backpack capacity
  • Backpack features
  • Backpack fit

When it comes to backpack capacity, it depends on the length of your trip and the amount of weight you wish to carry with you on your trip. The backpack features are the enhanced features that will be required to make the backpack work for your trip. When talking of backpack fit, the type and size of the backpack should depend on your torso length and not your height as is generally thought by people.

Value for money Wildcraft backpacks you can go for

The following paragraph will describe some value for money backpacks:

Wildcraft spring red backpack

This spring red backpack is included among Wildcraft backpacks below 1000. It is best for a business trip or for a one-day leisure trip. This backpack has multiple compartments and also a pocket. It has a single handle using which it is comfortable to pick it up. Additionally, it has adjustable shoulder straps. Made out of polyester material, this backpack can easily fit the laptop in one of the compartments and therefore it can easily be carried for a business trip. Its dimensions are 12x14x2 inches (LXBXH). It is long-lasting and durable and is one among the many Wildcraft backpacks below 1000.

Wildcraft streak green backpack

The Wildcraft streak green backpack has a streak of green color in its design. Its other portions are grey in color. It weighs 333 grams and therefore it is easy to carry around. It has a single handle with which it can be comfortably handled and adjustable shoulder straps. In order to fit in more things, it has multiple compartments and a pocket. With dimensions of 18x12x5 (LXBXH), it is a compact piece which can be easily taken for campus, youth or backpacking trips.

Wildcraft wheelie blue casual backpack

Wildcraft backpacks are always endowed with sufficient compartments which enables them to give maximum storage space. Made out of polyester material and measuring 12.5×42.2×28.4 cm, this backpack steals a march over its other competitors from the same brand. Quality wise, it is like other backpacks from the house of Wildcraft. It does not come with a rain cover and therefore it cannot be used in the rainy season. It is made of waterproof material, however, as the rain cover is not present, it cannot be used during the rains.

Wildcraft red polyester laptop backpack

This Wildcraft backpack having 2 compartments also has a bottle pocket so that you do not have to go thirsty for long. It can close by a zip mechanism. This backpack is not waterproof and it does not even have a rain cover. Thus, it is better avoided during the monsoons. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 18 months and is suitable for both males and females. Among its special features can be counted a loop handle. It is red in color with black colored side pockets. Its empty weight is 250 grams.

Wildcraft green 20-30 liters polyester casual backpack

This casual backpack, which has a volume ranging from 20-30 L, is made of polyester material which makes it very durable. It does not have a laptop compartment so we cannot put laptop in it, however, on our choice, we can insert our laptops in its single compartment if there are less things to keep for storage. This backpack is green in color with a black rim. The green is a bottle green shade. Coming from the brand of Wildcraft, it has other features that are typical of all Wildcraft backpacks, apart from having a bottle pocket, but no rain cover. This backpack is suitable for both the genders.


Thus, we have learnt how to choose the best backpack for yourself and have gone through some well-known models of Wildcraft backpacks. You are sure to pick a winner if you select from the ones mentioned above.


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