The Funkiest Designed Backpacks For The India Market


Travel backpacks are distinctly advantageous as compared to larger tote bags, duffel bags and miniature suitcases. They give the following benefits as compared to their counterparts named above.

  • Easy to store and stow
  • Comfortable while handling
  • Keeps things and travellers organized
  • Provides ease of movement
  • Protects your things from weathering action

Funkiest designed backpacks for the India market

In this paragraph, we will describe five of the funkiest designed backpacks for the Indian market:

Wildcraft city 2 brown 33 polyester casual backpack


This backpack from the house of Wildcraft backpacks India is known for its well-cushioned foam back, which gives better support. It does not have a cover for the rains and nor is it waterproof. Therefore, it cannot be used during the rainy season.

As it does not have a laptop compartment, we cannot put a laptop in it. However, if we so desire, we can put the laptop in one of its 3 compartments to keep it safe, then it will suffice. However, it is widely used by travellers for short trips, as it does not have a laptop compartment.

Wheelie black

The polyester material from which the Wiki Wheelie black backpack is made helps keep the object free from dirt. This is also responsible for its longevity. There are two compartments with one side pocket in this backpack. It is easy to carry as it has a normal haul loop and a padded back system. This backpack from the house of Wiki is a one of a kind bag which measures 31.2 x 45.6 x 16.8 in dimensions. You can keep a bottle in the side pocket or you can also keep small accessories.

Strike EQ olive


This backpack from the house of Wildcraft has static shoulder straps, an organizer to get your stuff organized, is made of polyester material so that it can be used in any season. In order for it to be carried comfortably, it also is provided with a cushioned padded back. It is also endowed with a front pocket.

This is a double compartment backpack having a side mesh pocket to keep small objects like your bottle, keys, etc. It is olive green in color and at its front, it has special design in beige brown color. This design extends right from its front pocket to the body of the backpack.

Rock mountain backpack red backpack

Measuring 18x5x14 cm in dimensions, this backpack from the house of Rock Mountain is made of polyester material. This makes it usable even during the wet weather. It closes by a zip mechanism and can be used by people of both the genders. A number of useful things can be stored in its four pockets with a laptop being one of them.  It also has a shoulder strap for comfort while carrying it on the shoulder. All the compartments that it has are utility compartments with none of them being redundant.

Fastrack red A0335NRD01 backpacks

Buying a Fastrack bag from online retailers is an experience in itself. This is a stylishly designed backpack which can be put for outdoor use. Coming from the house of Fastrack, it is already durable, but additionally, it also has the feature of a stylish design. Made of polyester material, it can be used in all the seasons.

Fastrack is known to make good quality backpacks and therefore there is no doubt about the quality of this product. However, it could have done with some more funkiness as it looks very sober when compared to its counterparts from other brands.


Thus, we have come to know the benefits of wildcraft backpacks for India Market and got to know about five brands of backpacks designed for the Indian market. In order to own good quality backpacks, buying any of the backpacks from the ones described above will be enough.