The Latest Version Of Nike Running Shoes For Market!


Nike as a brand has created a niche for itself in the minds of the people thanks to its superior products. In the Indian subcontinent, Nike has brought out three types of products namely

  • NikeCricket
  • NikeFootball
  • NikeRunning

Nike also has a habit of harnessing the latest technology in combination of its products to offer customers technologically superior products that help people do some activities better. Nike has come out with athletic shoes, which are used for running and monitoring the exercise. This article talks about the latest version of Nike running shoes for the Indian market, covering every option you could hope to find under Nike running shoes Amazon India.

Nike men gray and black FS lite run 3 running shoes


A pair of gray and black shoes, having a central lace, this shoe gives you the look and feel fit for running shoes. It has an upper made of mesh and synthetic material. This pair of shoes also has a Nike swoosh logo. Its cushioned footbed and its fit sole give it a superior fitting feature. It comes with a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects. This pair of shoes gives you an excellent running experience thanks to its cushioned footbed. This gray and black shoe gives a tremendous balance when running.

Nike elite black sneakers

Available only in black color and in sizes ranging from 6 to 9, this shoe promises to enhance your look when running. This shoe having a suede leather upper and synthetic lining gives you balance and style when you are involved in running. With rubber soles, these shoes can also be worn during the rainy season and it gives the utmost comfort. This shoe will give you an excellent experience during your running expeditions. With the trademark Nike symbol on it, this shoe is sure to add value to your running sojourn.

Nike flex experience RN 4 grey running shoes


Available in gray and black colors, this shoe comes in sizes 6 and 7 only. This shoe is so designed that it answers the requirements of a neutral pronator. This gray colored lace-up shoe has mesh upper and synthetic overlays for light weight pickup and a supporting fitting.  This shoe gives the feet a balanced contact with the ground so that it gets the required stability and balance in mid-stance. It is flexible at the junction of the ball and the toe, thus allowing the toes the required flexibility.

Free Tr flyknit blue training shoes

Available in blue color only, this running shoe is available in various sizes ranging from four to eight. This pair of shoe is ideal for cardiovascular exercises, strength training along with other gym workouts. This blue lace-up has a mesh upper and a rubber outsole. The rubber outsole lets it bend according to requirements of the body while running. It has an inner sleeve for a comfortable fitting. The rubber outsoles in high contact areas enhance its durability. With a 6-month security against manufacturing defects, this shoe is sure to win your heart.

Free 1.0 cross-bionic 2 grey training shoes

Give a silent boost to your running sessions by wearing the Free 1.0 cross-bionic 2 grey training shoes. It has a mesh upper along with a sock lining to protect the feet. It is both lightweight and durable with a better traction feature. It does not deform in shape when worn for long periods. This lace-up shoe is durable and comfortable for wearing during sporting and running sessions. It beats all its competitors when talking of durability. Truly speaking this is among the best running shoe among the brands available in the market.


Thus, we have talked about Nike as a brand in India and discussed the five types of Nike brand of shoes available for running. There are other brands and makes of shoes in the market but none can compare with the Nike brand.