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The Latest Version Of Running Shoes For Indian Market


With more people becoming health conscious, running has become the favorite exercise among Indians. It is no doubt a great exercise, which gives benefits like weight loss, stress elimination, cardiovascular strengthening, and increased happiness. However, when deciding to start running, one needs to know the following things:

  • Set goals which are realistic
  • Start with the correct footwear
  • Dress up properly for the run
  • Do not run on an empty stomach
  • Drink lots of water before running
  • Stretch out before and after running
  • Play motivational music while running
  • Start slowly and increase speed gradually
  • Track your posture while running
  • Decide a place to run
  • Running is the safest exercise
  • Track your progress periodically
  • Rest at regular intervals
  • Rewards yourself adequately
  • Join a race

The latest running shoes for Indian market


If you see the points above, one of them will say, “Start with the correct footwear”. It is necessary to run with the latest running shoes available depending on your budget. Given below are some brands of running shoes available in the market

  1. Nike men’s elite running shoes

This pair of shoe from the Nike running shoes Snapdeal stable has been designed in keeping with the latest fashion trends. It is made out of mesh (upper) with a rubber sole. With a lace-up closure type front and closed toe style, this shoe is the perfect piece to be worn on any sporting occasion. It can also be worn for a leisure outing. It is an excellent product from the house of Nike running shoes Snapdeal.


  1. Adidas adizero boston boost 5 women’s running shoes

With the Adidas adizero running shoes on your feet, you will be cruising along on your running expeditions. This is a neutral running shoe for serious training which maintains efficiency in the forefoot, thanks to its Adiprene make. Its upper is made up from an air mesh which provides maximum breathability to the foot. This also makes the shoe lighter.

  1. Sparx men’s running shoes

Polish or shiner should be avoided to wipe off any dry dirt from this shoe. It should be allowed to de-odorize at regular intervals so that it does not lose its shape. Armed with a product warranty of 30 days against manufacturing defects and a manufacturer warranty, we are safe that the product will at least last till that time.

  1. ASICS men’s gel excite 4 running shoe

This pair of shoe has comfort as its USP. Its gel cushioning technology is another unique feature of this shoe. This shoe is so versatile that it can be used for moderate mileage. The brand ASICS was created by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, who manufactured basketball shoes through his company Onitsuka Co ltd.

  1. Lancer men’s sports running shoes

Users who bought this product have praised it as being durable and efficient for running. This product is a quality product at an affordable price. With an outer material made of mesh and an inner mesh cloth for support, this shoe is exactly what the doctor ordered for people whose shoes experience wear and tear due to use.


Thus, we have seen the importance of having a good quality shoe for your running expeditions. As you try out all of the above brand of shoes, it is necessary that you make goals for yourself while running and try to challenge your body. As you do that, your body will start losing weight and it will lead to your good health. Using a good quality shoe, is an integral part of a running exercise and therefore what brand of shoe you choose also has a great bearing on your running experience.

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