The Most Preferred Formal Shirts For Bosses.


Bosses are not leaders. They are employees like you and me, working for the organization. They are there to guide you on how to do your work effectively. There are normally five types of bosses namely a boss with a superiority complex; a boss who brandishes his power; a boss who does not belong; a boss who intimidates and a boss who excels and influences. There are ways to deal with all of them. However, a common way to deal with all bosses is to know how to choose a good formal shirt for your boss. Choose from the brands given below:

Most preferred formal shirts for bosses

  1. Louis Phillipe Men Dark Grey Formal Regular Fit Shirt-a formal shirt from Louis Phillipe

You can pacify your boss by giving him this stylishly designed Louis Phillipe formal shirts, from the Louis Phillipe stable. He can easily amplify his style by pairing the shirt with black formal trousers and black formal shoes, both of which will go well with the shirt. He can add on a printed tie. This ensemble dress will send his secretary rooting to have a date with him. This shirt has a spread collar with a full-button placket and long sleeves to go with button cuffs. It also has a patch pocket on the front. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and can be cleaned only by machine wash.

2. Peter England Shirts

These formal shirts are available from size 39 and go up to size 46. They are reasonably priced and are made of materials like cotton, linen, silk, rayon, etc. They have a spread, semi-cut, cut away, stand collar with a long and short sleeve. These formal shirts are available in gingham, solid, stripe and printed patterns. These are available in regular, slim, nuvofit for both formal and casual occasions.

3. John Players Shirts

These shirts are available in a reasonable price range and come with a mandarin and spread collar. They are available both in long and short sleeves and in checked, solid and stripe patterns. With sizes like regular, trim and slim fit available in abundance, John Players shirts are the most widely used brand of shirts in India. They are made of cotton and linen fabric in the size range of 39-44.

4. Van Heusen Shirts

Available in checked; printed; solid; stripe regular fit and slim fit models and in sizes ranging from 39-44, these shirts can easily fit a large population. They have a cut away and a spread collar, which complements its shape. These are available in various colors and styles to suit the palate of different customer’s tastes. They are shirts, which are priced in the mid range, and therefore not everyone can afford them. However, for those who can afford them, they are value for money.

5. Raymond Shirts

Available in colors like blue, purple, white, violet, indigo and grey in sizes ranging from 39-44, these shirts can dress a large section of the population. They are available both in long and short sleeves and for both formal and casual wear. These shirts offer you the advantage of allowing you to move your head from side to side without your neck rubbing against the neckline fabric, making you comfortable when you have to work long hours even with a tie.


If you happen to choose a formal shirt from any of the brand houses listed above, then your boss is sure to be happy with you, thus giving you your much-coveted promotion. There are some other brands, which are also equally well known, but, formal shirts from the above brands are easily available and are selling like hot cakes. Thus, choosing a formal shirt for your boss is not an easy task.