The top 7 stylish Clarks Loafers for Women


The huge increase in the number of manufacturing units and brands has led to a wide availability of products for customers and the same goes with the footwear industry. Many new footwear brands have come into existence nowadays and their products are available for sale, all round the globe.

All sorts of new and trendy footwear collections are available in this modern world of ours. Clarks Loafers shoes collections are certainly one of the footwear brands which has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years or so.


Clarks manufacture lots of different footwear with simple yet stylish designs and different colours. The comfort fit, neat look and vibrant colours of these products give Clarks the rightly deserved popularity. Let’s take a look at some of the popular selling and stylish loafers for women.

  1. Clarks Beige Casual Shoes

This amazing pair of casual shoes will give you a fashionable and trendy look. The upper covering of these stylish loafers is made up of faux leather of the finest quality. Best suited for casual wear, these brightly coloured shoes are recommended for women who like a comfortable and feel good footwear. The beige colour, slip on closure and round shaped toe are some of the attractive features of these shoes.

  1. Clarks Coral Casual Shoes – Clarks Loafers shoes

Clarks coral shoes are red coloured loafers with a false stitching and strong base. These are perfect for daily use and recommended for women who like a bright and cool looking footwear. The tough leather covering ensures the durability of these shoes and makes them long lasting. Available in different sizes, these shoes can also be ordered online.

  1. Clarks Silver Casual Shoes

Enhance the beauty of your attire with these silver coloured casual shoes from Clarks. Hard leather of premium quality makes these shoes the perfect ones for daily use. Best suited with casual clothing, these stylish shoes are recommended for modern women who need good looking footwear to match their cool and casual attire. These shoes can be bought from your nearest footwear store or you could also buy it from any one of the online websites which sell footwear from Clarks.

  1. Clarks Maroon Casual Shoes

One of the most demanded type of footwear from Clarks Loafers shoes collection; these stylish looking shoes are best suited for casual wear. The buckle at the top, round shaped toe, flat heel and covered back are some of its key attributes. Strong leather and tightly sealed base gives these shoes the strength and rigidness it needs. Go for these if you need tough and stylish footwear for daily use.

  1. Clarks Gold Casual Shoes

Give your attire a royal touch with these golden pair of shoes from the house of Clarks. These shoes come with a strong leather coating and round shaped toe. The attractive colour is the key feature of this variety of shoes. It is recommended for all those who like a grand and royal makeover.

  1. Clarks Yellow Casual Shoes

A perfect combination of style, simplicity and freshness resulted in the making of these beautiful yellow coloured shoes. Made of high quality faux leather, these shoes form Clarks are best suited for women who like a comfortable and stylish footwear. This will certainly be a great buy since it comes at a decent price range.

  1. Clarks Pink Casual Shoes – Clarks Loafers shoes

This simple and attractive looking footwear can be categorized under the popular classic shoes collection from Clarks. These loafers have the typical pinkish colour which is liked by all women. The footwear comes with a neat design, leather covering and round shaped toe; making it the perfect choice for everyday use.