Top Five Yoga Pants for Women – The ‘Sexy’ Wear at an Affordable Price


Just don’t go by the name. Yoga pants have a lot to offer other than carrying out yoga. Originally designed for yoga and workout sessions, these pants have now become usual wear for women. Whether it is about the only exercise or it is about flaunting the curves, these yoga pants are a ‘gaga’ in the women circle. The tight design of these pants keeps the hips and thighs in shape and enhances the sex appeal of the women. So, if you are figure conscious and want some trendy yoga pants at an affordable price, you are exactly at the right place. We have here some of the best yoga pants for you which can be used for your exercise sessions, regular outings and whatever else you can think of!

  1. Right from the Nike Store: Cool Nike Yoga Pants for Women

If you are a sportswoman, you may perhaps not want sweat and tiredness to be a hindrance in your play. These cool Nike yoga pants for women like you are made of special Dri-Fit fabric which regulates better breathability and comfort. The flat seam in the design makes sure that irritation is minimized during the workouts. With 88% polyester and 12% spandex material, this is a piece that can give your thighs and hips the relaxing experience during the training and workouts.

  1. Sweaty Betty Warrior Yoga Pants

This is a piece for carrying out the workout with style. Made of soft cotton, these yoga pants are designed to loose for the ultimate comfort. The material retains its texture even after repeated washing. Stretchy waistband allows this pant to be worn by every woman. Breathability issue has been taken care of to minimize sweating and discomfort. Finally, the best part is that you get these pants at a very affordable price.

  1. Mirity Women’s Tight Yoga Pants

Don’t compromise your trendy style during your exercise. Coming at a highly affordable price, the Mirity yoga pants are made of four-way stretchable fabric that helps in keeping away sweat and moisture from deterring your training. These pants spot a wide waistband and the contours help in streamlining the shape of the lower half. Special care has been taken in the design to keep the pants in place while you are doing bending and stretching exercises.

  1. Adidas Yogi Ladies Tight Yoga Pants

These tight yoga pants from Adidas are made of climate material that is great in shooing away moisture and sweat from the body during the workout. Adidas has taken care to provide extra-wide waistband to help have adequate room during forwarding bends and stretching exercises. Flatlock seams in these pants are very useful in keeping away irritations from the crotch and thighs. The developing team of Adidas has worked to make this piece as much comfortable as possible. Also, the trendy look of the pant attracts the ladies to a great deal!

  1. Cool Nike Yoga Pants for Women: Nike Epic Lux Flash Olive Tights

For all the ladies with style and appealing figures, the Epic Lux Flash Tights in Olive printed design is a cool Nike yoga pant for women of this age. Doing an exercise or simply jogging, these beautiful yoga pants make sure that your movements are easy and your legs, thighs and hips get the ‘feel-good’ experience. The nylon-spandex material ensures that during long stretching exercises, irritation and sweat are minimized. Show your style to the world by coupling these cool affordable pants with a cool tee and sports shoes.

Considered highly instigative by many people, yoga pants today are not only used for training and exercises, rather they have become a symbol of sexiness and style for women today. The yoga pants we have mentioned here will help the ladies to keep their curves in shapes and have a good workout at an amazingly affordable price.


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