Roomy And Hardy Backpacks From Wildcraft For Your Long and Rustic Travels


Your Visa has been done and you are about to set on your dream European holiday for the next three weeks with your gang of friends. Now the most important and essential item you should shop, before starting your packing is to buy a good backpack, which is of good quality and has enough room or space to store your essentials while you are on the go. The famous brand Wildcraft has a brilliant collection in its kitty comprising of all sorts of backpacks. Find below the heavy duty and roomy options from them:

  1. Wildcraft Hypadura Rodhas 65 Rucksack – Black

Customize this wonderful backpack in the form of rucksack from Wildcraft according the exact length of your torso. The capacity is 65L, weight is 2500 grams and the dimension is 30″H x 13″W x 8″D. It has two loading accesses, top and front. There is even a separate compartment to store your sleeping bag, and a bungee cord for carrying your mats. It comes with rain covers and its hood can be expanded for providing you with extra storage facility. Extremely durable and can withstand every condition, provides breathability on an enhanced level through its shoulder straps.

  1. Wildcraft Hypadura Danta 55 Rucksack – Green

The capacity is 55L, weight is 2200 grams and the dimension is 29″H x 8″W x 12″D.  The Wildcraft creation can be taken by loading your stuff even when you are about to go on a rustic trekking trip. It can withstand all kind of harsh weather conditions and is 100 % water resistant. It can loaded from both front and its top. Your sleeping bag can be stored in a compartment made for it. Your mats can be carried by the bungee cord present in it and it can be customized according to your torso length too.

  1. Wildcraft Hypadura Adri 45 Rucksack – Black

This black beauty is your perfect companion on any trip you go for, the capacity is 45L, its weight is 1960 grams and its dimension is 28″H x 11″W x 7″D. There is a bungee cord right on its top for carrying your mats, there is a sleeping bag storage compartment as well as it’s hood can be extended extra storage. It comes with a rain cover for protecting it from all kind of moisture concerned issues. Its harness is equillo three point which distributes the weight of the rucksack properly for providing you with maximum comfort.

  1. Wildcraft Alpinist Plus Rucksack for Trekking – Blue

This excellent blue rucksack dimension is 30″H x 13″W x 9″D, and its capacity is of 55L. It can be loaded from its top and the closure type is drawstring for your easy and quick access, its hood can be extended for creating extra storage room. The sleeping bag can be carried on its bottom compartment along with clothes which can get soiled. It can be customized according to the size of your chest. The compression straps are present on the top and bottom for managing your load properly. It is extremely hardy for withstanding all conditions.

  1. Wildcraft Gangotri Plus Rucksack for Trekking – Red

It can be your perfect companion if you are heading towards your river rafting trip with your bunch of friends. It got its name from the famous Himalayan glacier Gangotri. It’s capacity is 65 L. No matter how harsh the conditions you go through during your trip, it will withstand all that. Carry your sleeping bags, walking sticks, and other gears which will be required by you during your trekking journey for keeping you safe. Its’s dimension is 31″H x 10″W x 13″D, and is very lightweight. The fabric used is Robic and it is extremely durable.

Follow the above information and choose the correct Wildcraft Backpack for travel suited for your heavy duty plans. The rucksacks from Wildcraft are extremely spacious and have many added qualities, which going to be of immense help during your journey. Order the one you think is just appropriate for you and start your packing for starting on a memorable journey.


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