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Here’s how you can host a perfect Italian dinner party at your home


When you think of an Italian dinner what is it that instantly comes to your mind? A bunch of happy people huddled around the table enjoying warm food. A meal with friends and family is a bonding experience and if you include Italian food in the mix, it can be one of the most memorable meals. If you are looking to host a perfect Italian dinner party here are some things you should remember to make it a success. 

Get the right pizza


Italians are well known for their pizzas and pasta. If you are looking to add authenticity to your food then you should order from Domino’s. Domino’s has the perfect selection of pizza and pasta that is suitable for everyone’s taste. They come in a variety of toppings and there are different options for the crust as well. The pasta comes in various sauces including a creamy and tangy blend. If you want to stick to the basics, you can order a Margherita pizza but if you are looking to get something more filling and with veggies you can go for the Farmhouse pizza or the Veg Extravaganza. If you want to add nonvegetarian options to the mix you cannot go wrong with Chicken Dominator pizza or the Chicken Maximus pizza.

Add to the charm of your Italian dinner with a pasta

Domino’s makes the pasta exactly how it should be made. It is firm to bite and the sauce coats it beautifully to give you an exquisite dish. Pasta is one of the jewels of Italian food. A well-made pasta can instantly transport you to Italy with just one bite. If you are looking to add a little cheesy goodness to your pasta you can also go for the Tikka Masala Pasta. This exotic combination of dressings with veggies like olives, onions, and capsicum can be made better by adding chicken to customize your pasta. 


Customize your Italian meal

If you know you have somebody coming over who enjoys an extra helping of olives or onions you can make their day by remembering the preference and customizing some of the food items. You can start by choosing a crust that will literally make the base for your pizza. If it’s a meal for cheese lovers then you should go for the Cheese Burst crust. You can add extra cheese should you wish to on top of the pizza as well. Make the pizza or pasta healthier by adding more veggies. The fun part about ordering from Dominos is that you can replace one topping for another free of charge! You can make a vegetarian pizza into a non-vegetarian one by adding the additional chicken topping. 

Order a full Italian meal from Dominos

A great meal starts with amazing appetizers and ends on a sweet note with great desserts. When you have a plan, don’t worry about food items as you can order food online from Dominos and wait for it to get delivered. If you are hosting a large number of people then you can pre-order your meal by going to the website or the app. If you are looking to order appetizers then you cannot go wrong with pasta or the smaller version of a pizza, which is the parcel. Once everyone has been awed by the appetizers you can then reveal the main course which can include a variety of pizzas starting from the Double Cheese Margherita to the 5 Chicken Feast Pizza. You can end your meal with a dessert that is so chocolatey and gooey that you are bound to get lost in its magic. The Choco Lava Cake is a delicious cake filled with molten lava that oozes out as soon as you dig into it. For those who are not a fan of chocolate, you can order the Butterscotch Mousse Cake which is a delicately flavored and layered dessert with butterscotch mousse and cake.

Host the perfect Italian dinner flawlessly with Domino’s.

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