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How to Eat and Live Healthy in a Swiggy Zomato Uber Eats Generation?


Do you tend to order junk food from outside whenever you feel the hunger pangs? Are you troubled by the fact that you are not eating healthy? Do not worry! Even though we live in a generation where you can order anything you want on Swiggy Zomato, you can always make a choice and choose the best out of the options that are available. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy even when you are ordering food from outside:



Read the menu!


There are several restaurants on these food delivery apps which have healthy options on their menu. You need to invest a little more time on scanning the options the next time you decide to order food on Swiggy/Zomato. Instead of opting for a burger, why don’t you focus on ordering the salad? The junk food is often placed on the top as these food items are popular options amongst consumers. However, if you want to be more healthy, you have to scroll down a little and choose the healthiest option. It is better to plan ahead rather than order food when you are extremely hungry. Hunger can cause distractions and we might give in to our impulse of eating junk food.

Check out the ingredients and recipe


There are several restaurants which often list down the ingredients that they have used to prepare their dish. You need to read more about the ingredients in order to eat a little more healthy. Choose healthier ingredients such as spinach, broccoli over the cheese and red meat. It is better to choose food items that have been grilled, poached, baked or roasted. These cooking methods influence the amount of fat present in a food item and thus, add fewer calories. Food items that have the words ‘ crunchy, fried, crispy’ tend to have more fat in them and thus, adds more calories. 

Pay attention to the portions

If you are planning to have a full course meal by ordering on Swiggy/Zomato, you need to be careful about the amount of food that you are ordering.  Often people order a lot more than what they actually need and that leads to overeating. When you are ordering, try to take a mental note about how many people you are ordering for. It is better to order appetizers than one main as it contains less amount of food when the main is too heavy. This can help you to satiate your hunger without feeling full.

Skip dessert for coffee

Often after a meal, you would want to eat something sweet. But desserts are bad for you if you want to keep your body-fat in check. Apart from ordering desserts that have low sugar quantity in them, you can switch to coffee instead. It will help you to feel good yet not add unwanted calories. This is a great tip as you can order beverages as well on Swiggy/Zomato


Order a Salad or Soup first

It is better if you start your meal with a soup or a salad. These food items can help you to control how much you eat and keep you from overeating. Having soup before your meal can decrease your calorie intake by at least 20%. 

Watch out for flaky health claims

There are several food items that are labeled ‘diet’ or ‘gluten-free’. Do not be swayed away by such health claims as they may contain hidden fats and sugar. You need to first read the ingredients carefully before ordering. Often food items such as ‘agave nectar’ are added to the so-called ‘healthy food’. It may sound healthy but it is just as bad a regular sugar.

Even after following these tips, you might still want to give in to your urge to eating junk food. While once in a while it is okay to let go, you need to remember that your health is important. Stay healthy and order wisely in order to stay fit!

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