How is Matka Trending in India?



The Google trends are quite a fair way to reflect the current trend in the internet world as it reveals the most searched items on the internet. The trends reflect some connection between the internet and the gambling world, which is very accurate. The game’s popularity has increased by leaps and bounds because of the introduction of online lottery games. The online Satta Matka game has brought back the trend of the Matka lottery, which was previously banned in India. As the game’s fame spread worldwide, many lottery agents came ahead to make out the best from the competition. 

Matka Trending in India



According to the Google trends of last year, ‘Satta’ and ‘Matka’ have been the top searched words, making the traditional gambling and betting form very famous in India. While the world was busy, Madhya Pradesh was trending in Google for the highest searched Satta Matka game. The usual rankings are from 100 to highly searched words and from 50 to those halfway through the most searched ones. In the top trends, the term ‘Satta’ came in 4th position with a 36 score, and the word ‘Matka’ was in 6th position with a 23 score.


The best international lottery agents in India include Lottoland where you can safely play Satta Matka online, which offers the best rates and fastest returns. There are several Indians who buy extra lottery tickets every week and enjoy the lottery draws. Many surveys reveal the rapid growth in the lottery games in different parts of India. Multiple enthusiasts are keen on placing higher bets on other games to get numerous profits at the same time. However, still, the popularity of Satta Matka remains the highest of them all.

Reasons for Popularity of Matka

  1. Simplicity of Rules


The rules of the Satta Matka game are different from the other lottery games. They are a lot simpler and more accessible as well. The players must always go through the rules of the game before they start playing. All the websites provide the laws of the game, which must be understood well. Also, the player should use the search engine to gather details about the game and take help from experienced players.

  1. Multiple Betting Options


Unlike other lottery games, the online Matka allows multiple gaming and payment options. The game offers the players to choose from the payout options of 9/1 till 999/1. Such opportunities help the players in the long run as then they do not have to worry about investing massive amounts to win the jackpot. This makes it a lot easier for the players to choose the bet that suits their preference.

  1. Small Bets


The best part about the game and the most critical reason behind its popularity is that the Satta Matka game allows the players to make small bets. It asks for the minimum deposits and gives them a chance to place smaller bets and hit the jackpot. The smaller the stakes are, the lesser chances of loss would be. It is always better to play the game with fewer risks initially. If you place bigger bets and you do not know how to play the game, then the chances are that you might lose.

  1. Secure process


The whole process from the creation of the account to the disbursement of payments is highly secure. There could be no breach of information and no theft of your details, so everything is in safe hands. You can easily give your card details and make purchases without worrying about being misused or exploited in the long run.

  1. No Unnecessary Fees and Commissions


There are no unnecessary or burdensome charges or deposit and withdrawal fees, or any other commissions. The only commission you have to pay is 5% that too if you win the bets. Anything above the commission is unlawful, and the website owners must be taking unnecessary, so be careful whenever you choose a lotto agent. Many fake websites in the market might con you and ask you for hefty amounts of money. The Satta MAtka agents and the game are famous because of the fewer charges and more rewards they offer. Make a background check before you opt for any particular agent.