10 Best Ways to keep your Long distance Relationships Happy

Long distance love feels too distant now? Here are ten ways to keep the flame burning:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder “someone rightly said. Long distance relationships are interesting because of the geographical twist; the never-ending longing continues to pierce through your conscience every time. At times it becomes necessary to showcase a little love. Here are ten ways in which you can achieve this in a Long Distance Relationships-

1. Constant contact


From ‘good-morning’ to ‘good- night’ to your partner’s routine, playtime, alone time, family time, everything, be updated about their life happenings. Get in the good books of their family and friends. Be a part of their family functions at every opportunity, and invite them over for your family dinners too. This would also give them a glance of your cultural background (if it is different from the other).

2. Read to them

Long distance relatioships

You can’t fall asleep cuddling your beloved so next time when you’re on call at night, just ask them if they’d like to hear a story and start reading to him from the book you’re reading or better even come up with your own bedtime story.

3. Keep them Surprising With Gifts 


Believe it or not, gifts play a vital role in the foundation of a healthy relationship. An old toy of yours or that ancient key ring, anything that you hold dearly to your heart or a nice watch or jewelry will do, couple it with a postcard message saying how much they mean to you, tickets for a couple holiday etc. cute selfies are no less than a surprise gift either.

4. Praise and express to feel Special

Long Distance Relationship

To make them realize how important they sprinkle them with praises of their achievements, looks, thoughts etc. just like you did when the relationship was new. You make an effort for their attention and going beyond limits for expressing your feelings for them won’t go unnoticed so keep climbing to their heart, no longer you’ve been in this relationship, one step at a time.

5. Anniversary alert


Since they are so special to you please remember the special days and dates like anniversaries, birthdays, any other special day that meant a lot to both of you. Not everyone likes monthly celebrations of these special days but annual celebrations, even if it is just a bouquet or a pack of chocolates (delivered or brought personally) go a long way to strengthen the harshness of LDR.

6. Keep boring stuff aside


Not all days are rainbow colored in life some are simply black and white. The point is to be comfortable with the monotone of each other’s lives and the time that is spent together. When thinking about a long-term relationship this is the very important factor that you accept one another completely including the quirks and the ‘do-nothing but lie down quietly’ time.

7. Remind your Presence Every day 


Everyone likes someone who claims you to be their own and sometimes displaying this very possessiveness goes a long way. So what if you aren’t within the physical reach of each other but keeping a tab of whereabouts and drawing the boundaries for each other is a good thing. It lets the other one know that you hold the high place in their heart.

8. Space, please

Providing each other the space one needs is another aspect to keep the Long Distance Relationships blooming. You have a schedule to follow and so does the other one. Sometimes you don’t need a break from the person or the relationship but a little more space. A long-distance partner will understand this mostly because you have already established that your heart belongs to them but there is more to you than just your heart!

9. Don’t Leave Questions Unanswered

Like any other relationship,  Long Distance Relationships are as real for the ones who are in it so, you need to evaluate, be comfortable and supportive of each other’s needs. Resolving Misunderstandings is necessary to keep your bond strong.

10. Talk to them every day even the topics are irrelevant


You started talking with them because their thoughts and ways tickled you. Since the distance is already much to bear and the limited time is all you get to make use of this time and express your love and longing as boldly as you can!

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