The End of a Saga – Avengers Endgame

The prolonged wait for what is to be considered as one of the biggest cinematic experiences of the decade, Avengers Endgame opened in theatres this Friday and the response was astonishing.Be warned as the content you are going to read has tons of spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, stop right here and come back when you have.This three-hour long ride might sound like a stretch but not a single minute of the movie makes you yawn. Instead it binds you to the edge of your seat and parades you through a stream of emotions.

Endgame picks up after the Infinity war. The dark, saddening state of earth with every superhero who survived in denial, the first phase of the movie is inky. Tony Stark who is stuck in space for 22 days now, is rescued by Captain Marvel and brought back to earth along with Nebula, who guides the remaining Avengers to Thanos. While Tony recovers the Avengers approach Thanos and kill him in meer minutes after the movie starts. It feels like the revenge has been taken, but it isn’t satisfying enough.

Five years pass by and earth is still trying to recover from the damages done by Thanos but everyone including the avengers are finding it difficult to live with the fact that they lost, especially Thor who now lives in “New Asgard” on earth closed in his crib drinking all day. It is when Ant Man accidentally returns from the quantum realm and approaches Captain America and Black Widow with the theory of time travel, that we see a some hope.

What’s left of the team steps in to gather Thor, Tony, Hawkeye to join them in the venture i.e to go back in time collect all the stones and make earth better again. What follows is a string of hysterical, witty and tantalizing journey into the past that Marvel fans enjoy thoroughly. When all the stones are successfully acquired, the team travels back into present except Back Widow who sacrifices herself for the soul stone and Nebula who is back but it’s not the Nebula from the present but the past who is controlled by Thanos.

Where on one hand The Hulk fascinating wears the glove considering only he can absorb all the gamma the stones produce and snaps, on the other hand Nebula uses the time machine to get Thanos and his herd back on earth, this time to destroy it completely. Before we can realised if the stones really work, Thanos calls attack. What continued is some breathtaking adventures including Captain America finally lifting Thor’s hammer and using it like a toy to battle Thanos. But Thor, Captain America and Iron Man struggled to beat Thanos to the ground this is when the magical Dr. Strange ring appears and we witness the most historic event in Marvel’s history, the come back. Black Panther, Spider man, DR. Strange, Guardians and all their soldiers and armies, everyone alive and ready to take on Thanos Army.

The next 30 minutes are momentous and glorious. It feels like history is repeating itself; trying to grab the glove from Thanos and attempting to stop him from snapping only this time when nothing works out, Tony quiet swiftly gains all the stones from the glove onto his iron man suit hands and snaps. Thano’s army faded like dust into the air and the Avengers finally win but Tony Stark couldn’t take the pressure of the stones and die heroically.

The movie ends with the funeral of Tony Stark but not his legacy. With no end credits, true fans of the franchise leave theatres in tears.


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