Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput is Going to Have a Second Baby


I am sure that, by this time, you people would have got this news through airs – right? I know that, your answer would be yes. The celebrity actor Shahid Kapoor was tied a knot to the beautiful Mira Rajput on 7th July 2016. The celebrity couples had their first baby Misha on August 26, 2016. By this August, Misha is going to turn two. Now, they couples are going to have a second baby. Mira’s pregnancy has been for months now and just a few days before, the couples have confirmed that, they are going to have a second baby.

The confirmation on Mira’s second pregnancy is done by the cute little princesses of Shahid and Mira in a simple yet best way. Yes, the baby girl Misha was seen smiling happily with colorful balloons on a chalkboard and the chalkboard contains a message “Big Sister”. By this way, they have confirmed about the arrival of their next baby. Shahid Kapoor on a GQ interview earlier said that, Mira is just 22 and she would like to have a second baby. Mira wants to have kids at the right age and then she wants to be free with raising the kids.

Mira seems to give her first preference to her family and kids. She said, she wants to work, but not now. As of now, I want to have another baby. I did not set any deadline to my career, she said. After having another baby, I will decide about my career, Mira said. Right from the marriage to announcement of their second baby, the couples kept it very simple, but still, grabbed the attentions of the spectators and other celebrities. This is why Shahid and Mira are very special and lovable. Like Shahid and Mira, we are all expecting their second baby – right? As of now, congratulations for the couples and the big sister Misha.



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