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Indian Army Dancing

Past few weeks has been some tense for India after the Pulwama terror attack on 14th February 2018 where India lost 50+ CRPF Jawans, the whole country was in pain and anguish over the cowardly attack by the terrorists. Everyone could sense that India needed to provide some answers to the cut.

On 26th Feb Indian Air Force attack came up with the answer in the early morning at 3:30 hrs destroying launch pads at Balakot and other POK areas where launch pads of the terrorist group to be claimed. After which Pakistan Air force escalated and tried to intervene within LOC by virtue of which showing the air power but it was cut short by the Indian Air force once again.

During this act, Wing Commander Abhinandan destroyed Pakistan’s F16 with his MIG21 but had to eject since MIG21 was damaged by the strikes of the opponent. Abhinandan landed in POK & eventually arrested by the Pakistan Military. His Video was released as a claim of being arrested.

With the Geneva Convention, Pakistan had to surrender the arrested pilot to India because of the International pressure mounting over the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, but announce came as shock cum surprise because of Pakistan’s background.

Over here in India, the tense moments of arrested Indian Pilot being caught were turning into joy after the news broke out of Wing Commander Abhinandan to be welcomed at Attari-Wagha Border. Lots of people gathered at the place to celebrate the event with dhols and bands and India Flag in hands. While on the other hand a small video has been seen through over the internet of Indian Army soldiers dancing with joy.

Who could have thought the men of honors whose job is to switch on to missions after missions get time to celebrate and how? This video answers some great answers. You can sense of joy among these jawans performing Gujrati Garbha quite well. It’s simply outstanding to see these jawans taking all the tensions and everything coming at them bravely upon their sleeves.

Click to watch & If you love India Defence Forces share this page in numbers, A rare sight Indian Army’s Dance Performance. Jai Hind.


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