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Replacing Steven Smith – Would Help The Fame Of Australian Cricket Remain Superior

Cricket is the national game for many countries. The Game enjoys a majestic attraction and attention towards it. Australia has Cricket as official national game. Cricket brings the madness on and off the field.

The Australia cricket aggression

We all are aware about the Australian aggression on the field. They never give room for loose attention to the opposition on the field before damaging their desire for win. The game and its playing pattern has changed and moved many other countries to play this game on serious note.

The news of ball tampering

Recently the news of ball tampering by the Steven Smith of National Australian cricket team has shaken the world and the cricket association of Australia. The Captain plays the major role to inspire his team on the field. The captain trains the mind and commands the fellow players about the methods of playing on the field. The status of ball tampering has hurt the sentiment of Sports Commission. The ball tampering by the Australian to defeat the opposition indicates that this team is losing an honest effort to hold their numero Uno position.

Cricket of Australia is losing the honest and rigorous rule of the national cricket academy and dampening the national fame, is really objectionable by the Australian cricket team and the inhabitants of Australia.


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