The time limit of What’s app Delete for everyone feature has been extended


The “Delete for everyone” feature of What’s App will now come with a new time limit. What’s App is a messaging platform that is owned by Facebook and now it’s time limit to delete all the existing messages has been extended from 7 minutes to 68 minutes and 16 seconds. So according to the new change log, you now have about an hour’s time in hand to delete all the messages that you have send to a group or friends.

The new “delete for everyone” feature

This extension of the time limit was being tested in the beginning of the month. This additional feature was based on the beta build of the Android and has a version number of 2.12.69. This feature will also be there in the Apple IOS in future provided they are received well by the users of the Android phones.

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In the month of October, What’s App released its new “Delete for everyone” feature. With this feature the users are able to delete those messages that they have sent by mistake. This feature is very similar to the “Undo Send” option of Gmail. However, the users of What’s App now have more time to delete these messages sent by mistake. Though the name of this feature is “delete for everyone” however it also gives the option of deleting the message just for a particular sender.

What’s App is also trying to tweak the algorithms that strengthens the new “delete for everyone” feature with some of the best beta builds for Android. Though the users are able to delete messages but they cannot delete messages that are more than 3 years old by making use of the modded version of this app. Whenever the sender tries to delete a particular message then the recipient gets a message that says, “Block revoke request”.

This message that is sent by the algorithm has the same ID as that of the message that the user wants to remove. What’s App then tries to match the ID of the database for the information that is related to the date. Only if this message has a current date that is less than 24 hours from the list of the saved messages, only then this operation would be permitted. With this modded version nobody will get the scope to fool around with the system. The sticker feature in this new app is also updated and there is also an option to personalize the icon on the Android phone.


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