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The Untimely Demise Of Another Star: Sidharth Shukla


A sad and grief-stricken atmosphere ruled the Bollywood industry as Sidharth Shukla died due to a heart attack on 2nd September 2021. According to the news report, last night he was feeling unfit and had medicine and went to rest. And it was marked as his final sleep, he never woke up again. He was immediately hospitalized by his family members in Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. The doctors there declared him already dead after he was admitted. They further added that he passed away in his sleep. They stated that further information would be provided only after post mortem. 



The Indian actor, show host, and model Sidharth Shukla has appeared in the Bollywood industry since 2008 and made his mark on the shows like Broken But Beautiful 3, Balika Vadhu, etc.  He also emerged as the winner in the reality shows Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi and also hosted Savdhan India and India’s Got Talent. He was titled the Best Model in December 2005.  Having received his education in St. Xavier’s  High School, he always had a keen interest in modeling. He has been quite a popular actor of his time. Though he was criticized for his aggressive nature at times, he had a huge fan-base which made him successful quite fast. He was a man of introverted nature and is known to have stayed away from partying. He was keenly interested in politics and was very sincere in his fitness gymming routines. His untimely demise is the trending headline in all news channels and papers.

But why the sudden surge in deaths due to cardiac arrests, making us lose so many valuable lives? Here’s what the experts think. 

  • Within few years it has been reported that the heart attack rate has increased enormously among people of the ages of 20 to 40. Hence of course it has been a matter of concern in recent times. These kinds of sudden attacks are often a result of an indisciplined and unhealthy lifestyle. Intake of large proportions of junk foods, drugs, and steroid addictions, accompanied by excessive drinking are considered as major factors of cardiac arrest.  The second most important reason could be high-stress level and depression. 
  • With the increase of income of an individual, the disciplined lives of the youngsters are at stake. They are threatened by sudden heart attacks and other diseases which are equally life-threatening. Both men and women are suffering from strain, stress, and depression and it also adds to the increase of heart attack rates. 
  • There is an alarming rise in the death caused by heart attacks and hence effective and rapid awareness should be spread. One should lead a healthy lifestyle, have some exercise in the daily routine, avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. A full-body checkup yearly or monthly is much effective since it keeps a regular check on the functioning of the body. 


Whether these reasons contributed to the actor’s death is a matter of medical examination. However, the death news of the actor has certainly shattered the hearts of his family, friends, and fan base. They were left grief-stricken and heartbroken. His co-actors and celebs expressed their grief on social media. Asim Riaz, Vikas Gupta, and some others immediately rushed to the hospital after the news broke. This death was beyond expectations ad many even don’t believe the news.

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