Tim Scott Proposed to His Girlfriend and She Said Yes

Tim Scott Proposed to His Real-Life Girlfriend and She Said Yes

Tim Scott, the Republican senator from South Carolina and former presidential candidate, has finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Mindy Noce. The couple, who have been together for several years, got engaged on Kiawah Island, a stunning barrier island off the coast of South Carolina.

Noce is an interior designer and mother of three. The couple have kept their relationship relatively private, but Scott has occasionally spoken about his love for Noce in public speeches. In a 2019 interview, he called her his “rock” and said that she “makes me a better man.”

Scott’s proposal comes after years of speculation about his marital status. The 56-year-old senator has never been married, and he has previously spoken about his belief in abstinence until marriage. However, he has also said that he is open to finding love someday.

It seems that Scott has finally found his happily ever after with Noce. The couple’s engagement is sure to be celebrated by their friends and family, and it is a heartwarming reminder that love can truly blossom at any time.

Scott, known for his passionate speeches and unwavering political convictions, couldn’t hold back his emotions as he got down on one knee. Noce, a talented interior designer and mother of three, responded with a radiant smile and an enthusiastic “yes!”. News of their engagement quickly spread, sending waves of joy through their families, friends, and even the political landscape.

Their story is a heartwarming reminder that love can blossom anywhere, anytime. After navigating the complexities of the political arena, Scott found his anchor in Noce, whose warmth and groundedness perfectly complement his driven spirit.

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