Women’s Day 2021: A Celebration For Every Woman!


All over the world many days are celebrated as special days, one of those special days is Women day. Every year, on 8th March women day celebrated all over world which shows women empowerment. First time, women day was celebrated on 28th February, 1909 in New York. In the year 1910, an international women conference was held and decided that International women day will be celebrated on 8th March every year. since then, every country celebrates women day in own way.

Some countries have declared the national holiday for women on International women day and those countries are Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, china, Nepal, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, Cuba, Georgia, Eritrea, Laos, Moldova, Mongolia and many more.


Color significance for International women day

If we see internationally will find that purple color is symbol color for women. History behind purple is that it is combination of white color and green color. Green color shows sociality and white is symbol of politics. When women have started achievements in society and politics, purple color become her symbol. Purple color shows feminism and mostly women love to have purple material things also.


Participation of women in every field shows their strength. In current time, there are many fields where only women are working. There are many organizations where women day is celebrated as festival and all women are awarded for their work. Thought of every person has changed and they try to keep happy all women in their life on this day. Even, many business organizations are running by women.

Examples Of Women Empowerment

  1. Major post in India, defence minister, is holding by a woman Nirmala Sitharaman.
  2. Another example of women empowerment is Smriti Irani, current Information and Broadcasting and Textiles Minister.
  3. Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian origin woman to become American astronaut.
  4. Women are on top even in all civil service exams.

Every woman has power and capability to do any task and you should have to come up for showing your strength. On this special day for women, every woman should take necessary steps for her. So, everyone should start to think and different way and try to make each day as International women day. You can also start your little bit effort for every woman because she is bright, safe and equal to you. We wish you women day to every woman and respect her in each possible way.

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