No spoilers review for Deadpool 2

Let me tell you that I am still high on the movie while writing this review. “The Real Heroes” (the writers of the movie) have weaved yet another snarky masterpiece in the second edition of the blasphemous superhero fiction- Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds playing the chatty, impulsive, man-child mercenary; the first part was a test to check whether the masses would accept such an obscene superhero that spares no one, quite literally, with his witty and downright insulting comments, the second part interestingly wraps in it a love story, a sci-fi, civil rights movement and some family drama. With a generous amount of comedy, crazy emotions and gleeful action sequences wrapped with tolerable CGI and VFX, the movie lives up to the expectation of the character i.e. not your regular superhero.

The movie has an actual story, unlike its first part that was just an introduction of the character, leaving room for its sequel. It completely stands out with not even a tinge of worry and landed smoothly squeezing itself nicely in an Avengers- Starwars times. The movie is a definite ‘do not watch’ for the audience who cannot take swearing and name-calling dialogues and for those who can, you will have a killer ride and belly hurting laughs of your life. The R in the rating of the movie stands for Reynold’s raunchy style and the script manages to keep his audience hooked throughout.

P.S. sit tight for the post credit scene!

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