What are the Best Places to Sell Guest Post Services?

What are the Best Places to Sell Guest Post Services

There are several avenues you can explore to sell your guest post services, each with its own pros and cons. Here are some of the most popular options:

Freelance Marketplaces

Upwork: A well-established platform with a wide range of projects, including guest posting opportunities. You can create compelling pitches and bid on projects that align with your expertise and interests.

Fiverr: A gig-style platform where you can create customized packages, set your own prices, and cater to clients seeking quality content for their websites.

Freelancer: Another popular platform with a large pool of potential clients. You can create a profile showcasing your skills and experience, and browse projects or respond to invitations.

Guest Posting Marketplaces

GuestCrew: Connects writers with websites in need of guest posts. You can browse listings and apply to those that match your niche and expertise.

NO BS Marketplace: A curated marketplace with high-quality websites. You’ll need to apply and be approved to sell your services here.

Link Publishers: Offers a variety of guest posting packages, with prices based on the website’s domain authority and traffic.

Direct Outreach

Identify Relevant Websites in Your Niche: Look for websites with active blogs that accept guest posts. You can find these by searching Google, using tools like Buzzsumo, or joining relevant online communities.

Craft a Compelling Pitch: Highlight your expertise, relevant experience, and the value you can bring to their audience. Be sure to personalize your pitch to each website.

Social Media

Use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with website owners and editors. Share your guest post ideas and engage in conversations to build relationships.

Join relevant Facebook groups or subreddits. Many groups and communities have discussions about guest posting opportunities.

Other Options

Content Writing Agencies: Some agencies specialize in guest posting and may be looking for writers to add to their team.

Your Own Blog: If you have a blog with a decent following, you can use it to showcase your writing skills and attract potential clients.

Ultimately, the best place to sell your guest post services depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your experience, niche, budget, and desired level of control when making your decision.

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