POP-PINS Sports FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 – Schedule | Top Contenders and Underdogs | Opening Ceremony

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 – Schedule | Top Contenders and Underdogs | Opening Ceremony

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018: All You Need to Know!

The FIFA world cup 2018 will be the 21st FIFA world cup. It is a football tournament which is played by the men’s of national team members of FIFA. Now in 2018, the FIFA world cup will start from 14 June to 14 July 2018 in Russia. There will be 32 teams in the final tournament and which will include 31 teams from the qualifying competition.


FIFA WORLD CUP hosted by Russia in 2018

The Moscow was the capital of Russia and it was found in the 12th century. The Moscow is the most fascinating and renowned city in the world. In the 21st century, this city is showing some of the world’s best restaurants, shopping, nightlife and culture. In Moscow, over 4 million tourists come each year.

The Moscow has 130 nationalists and the 12.3 million residents. Moscow has three international airports and the one world’s second busiest system. This city has the beautiful architectures and such renowned culture landmark. The Moscow has three UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Kremlin and Red Square. Thus it is not tuff to guess that Saint Basil’s Cathedral Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower has been chosen for the Moscow signature style.

So, 11 of the World Cup Host cities are:-

So the FIFA world cup will take place in 11 Russian cities. On leading up the football become the unifying idea for the whole country. The host cities are known by athletes.

Moscow Rostov on don Kaliningrad
Saint Petersburg Saransk Kazan
Samara Nizhny Novgorod Sochi
Ekaterinburg Volgograd

FIFA world cup 2018 Groups

FIFA world cup 2018 Groups

FIFA world cup 2018 fixtures:

Group Stage Round Robins –  FIFA 2018

SR No. Date Time (IST) Matches Groups Venue
Match 1 Thu June 14 4:00 PM Russia v Saudi Arabia Group A Moscow (Luzhniki)
Match 2 Fri June 15 1:00 PM Egypt v Uruguay Group A Ekaterinburg
Match 3 Fri June 15 4:00 PM Morocco v Iran Group B St Petersburg
Match 4 Fri June 15 7:00 PM Portugal v Spain Group B Sochi
Match 5 Sat June 16 11:00 AM France v Australia Group C Kazan
Match 6 Sat June 16 2:00 PM Argentina v Iceland Group D Moscow (Spartak)
Match 7 Sat June 16 5:00 PM Peru v Denmark Group C Saransk
Match 8 Sat June 16 8:00 PM Croatia v Nigeria Group D Kaliningrad
Match 9 Sun June 17 1:00 PM Costa Rica v Serbia Group E Samara
Match 10 Sun June 17 4:00 PM Germany v Mexico Group F Moscow (Luzhniki)
Match 11 Sun June 17 7:00 PM Brazil v Switzerland Group E Rostov on Don
Match 12 Mon June 18 1:00 PM Sweden v South Korea Group F Nizhny Novgorod
Match 13 Mon June 18 4:00 PM Belgium v Panama Group G Sochi
Match 14 Mon June 18 7:00 PM Tunisia v England Group G Volgograd
Match 15 Tue June 19 1:00 PM Colombia v Japan Group H Saransk
Match 16 Tue June 19 4:00 PM Poland v Senegal Group H Moscow (Spartak)
Match 17 Tue June 19 7:00 PM Russia v Egypt Group A St Petersburg
Match 18 Wed June 20 1:00 PM Portugal v Morocco Group B Moscow (Luzhniki)
Match 19 Wed June 20 4:00 PM Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Group A Rostov on Don
Match 20 Wed June 20 7:00 PM Iran v Spain Group B Kazan
Match 21 Thu June 21 1:00 PM Denmark v Australia Group C Samara
Match 22 Thu June 21 4:00 PM France v Peru Group C Ekaterinburg
Match 23 Thu June 21 7:00 PM Argentina v Croatia Group D Nizhny Novgorod
Match 24 Fri June 22 1:00 PM Brazil v Costa Rica Group E St Petersburg
Match 25 Fri June 22 4:00 PM Nigeria v Iceland Group D Volgograd
Match 26 Fri June 22 7:00 PM Serbia v Switzerland Group E Kaliningrad
Match 27 Sat June 23 1:00 PM Belgium v Tunisia Group G Moscow (Spartak)
Match 28 Sat June 23 4:00 PM South Korea v Mexico Group F Rostov on Don
Match 29 Sat June 23 7:00 PM Germany v Sweden Group F Sochi
Match 30 Sun June 24 1:00 PM England v Panama Group G Nizhny Novgorod
Match 31 Sun June 24 4:00 PM Japan v Senegal Group H Ekaterinburg
Match 32 Sun June 24 7:00 PM Poland v Colombia Group H Kazan
Match 33 Mon June 25 3:00 PM Uruguay v Russia Group A Samara
Match 34 Mon June 25 3:00 PM Saudi Arabia v Egypt Group A Volgograd
Match 35 Mon June 25 7:00 PM Spain v Morocco Group B Kaliningrad
Match 36 Mon June 25 7:00 PM Iran v Portugal Group B Saransk
Match 37 Tue June 26 3:00 PM Denmark v France Group C Moscow (Luzhniki)
Match 38 Tue June 26 3:00 PM Australia v Peru Group C Sochi
Match 39 Tue June 26 7:00 PM Nigeria v Argentina Group D St Petersburg
Match 40 Tue June 26 7:00 PM Iceland v Croatia Group D Rostov on Don
Match 41 Wed June 27 3:00 PM South Korea v Germany Group F Kazan
Match 42 Wed June 27 3:00 PM Mexico v Sweden Group F Ekaterinburg
Match 43 Wed June 27 7:00 PM Serbia v Brazil Group E Moscow (Spartak)
Match 44 Wed June 27 7:00 PM Switzerland v Costa Rica Group E Nizhny Novgorod
Match 45 Thu June 28 3:00 PM Japan v Poland Group H Volgograd
Match 46 Thu June 28 3:00 PM Senegal v Colombia Group H Samara
Match 47 Thu June 28 7:00 PM England v Belgium Group G Kaliningrad
Match 48 Thu June 28 7:00 PM Panama v Tunisia Group G Saransk

Quater Finals – FIFA 2018

SR No. Date Time (IST) Matches Venue
Match 49 Fri July 6 3:00 PM Winner match 49 v Winner match 50 Nizhny Novgorod
Match 50 Fri July 6 7:00 PM Winner match 53 v Winner match 54 Kazan
Match 51 Sat July 7 3:00 PM Winner match 55 v Winner match 56 Samara
Match 52 Sat July 7 7:00 PM Winner match 51 v Winner match 52 Sochi

Semi-Finals – FIFA 2018

SR No. Date Time (IST) Matches Venue
Match 53 Tue July 10 7:00 PM Winner match 57 v Winner match 58 St Petersburg
Match 54 Wed July 11 7:00 PM Winner match 59 v Winner match 60 Moscow (Luzhniki)

Third Place Play-Off – FIFA 2018

SR No. Date Time (IST) Venue
Match 55 Sat July 14 3:00 PM St Petersburg

Finale – 2018

SR No. Date Time (IST) Venue
Match 56 Sun July 15 4:00 PM Moscow (Luzhniki)

Probable Top 4 Contenders FIFA world cup 2018

 Top 4 Contenders FIFA world cup 2018

So, the FIFA 2018 is coming on 14 June so here we have come with the list of Portable Top 4 Contenders who are likely to win the trophy this year.

1. Germany

This team has the more chance to win this FIFA 2018. Because this team is well balanced and we all know that the coach of this team is Joachim Löw who is the best coach in the world. But, one negative thing is that the both Phillip Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger was retired. But, don’t worry this team has more good players like, Neuer , Hummels , Boateng ,Kroos , Ozil , Muller and Gotze .

2. Argentina

I know how this team is not in the top form. But at the time of world cup there form gets back. Guys, this team has a greatest players like, Messi , Dybala , Aguero , Romero , Di Maria , Higuain , Mascherano and Ever Banega. But, now the team is not yet qualified for the world cup. But, I am sure that if this team qualified then it will go to final. The new coach of this team Sampoli is rearranging his team for getting success.

3. England

I think many websites do not mention this team but this team is an underdog. This team has a many star players but failed in world cup. Now the team has balanced and some of the star players are Harry Kane , Rashford , Sterling , Henderson , Cahill , Sturidge , Dele Ali and Joe Hart.

4. Portugal

I know that I have mentioned the weakest team, but there was a reason for it they can reach the final. They presents the Euro cup winner. This team is under controlled by Cristiano Ronaldo. If the Cristiano Ronaldo comes in the top form then this team will win.

Top 4 Underdog teams FIFA world cup 2018

Underdog teams FIFA world cup 2018


Now, let’s take a look at Top 4 Underdog teams
1. Panama

Generally, this country is famous for panama canal. Roman Torres the 88th winner for panama in their final against Costa Rice sent them to the world cup and comented there name in record book.
The president of panama declared that there will be a national holiday after the country qualified for final.
The FIFA 2018 will start from 14 June and the panama players are enthusiastic to travel to final for the first time.
This team is coached by Hernán Darío Gómez.

2. Senegal

The Lions Teranga returned after the 18 years of break. The Senegal team first make the showpiece event in 2002.

3. Iceland

In UEFA qualification the Croatia, Ukraine, and Turkey have confirmed their qualification after beating Kosovo 2-0 at home.
Iceland is qualified means they will be travel to Russia for playing the FIFA world cup this year.

4. Egypt

This is a first African country that qualified for the world cup. Egypt have has to wait for 27 years for returning world cup final. The Egyptian will go to Russia Hector Cuper’s guidance and Essam El-Hadary’s leadership.

Opening Ceremony Dates & Performances FIFA world cup 2018

The FIFA world cup 2018 is held on June-July. This FIFA world cup comes after every four years and this was the 21st edition.

  • The opening ceremony date for FIFA 2018 is 13/14th June 2018.
  • Russia Fifa WC 2018 Opening Ceremony Time – Not Announced.
  • 2018 World Cup Opening Ceremony Venue – Luzhniki Stadium.

FIFA 2018 Perform List

Opening Ceremony Fifa 2018

The FIFA opening ceremony is one of the famous ceremonies in the sport. The celebrities from all over the world come in huge number for watching this ceremony. In 2014 the opening ceremony was seen by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull headlining. But, now there was a no official list that provides of FIFA now of the celebrity performance. Please wait for sometimes they will update soon.

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