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Franchise vs Nation: Indian Player’s Attitude


By the end of 2006 Fifa world cup, it was one of the huge sporting event the world could witness right after the 2002 world cup which was being hosted in Asia for the first time, earlier it was only American and European continents were having the honours.

But all the fun of the world countries competing with each other over shadowed by the franchise corporate system. It’s not the same anymore, the players I have seen are not more determined in past decade or so towards their national team.

Wether it be Messy or Ronaldo, the most loved footballers are unable to pull world cup title for their own country. As compared to the passion they possess for their franchise is slightly on higher side.


Right now! Cricket is on the verge of suffering through the same, even though the sport is not having the global audience reach as compared to Football but Cricket World cup is still considered as top title. Some might debate over the Ashes or India vs Pakistan rivalry but the global eye ball catching tournament is currently the world cup as far as the Cricket goes.

I have seen some of the symptoms that I diagnosed which are similar to Football franchise system which could hamper Cricket to greater extent.

Currently T20 leagues are acting as the drugs which are not helping the cause at all.West Indies team suffered a blow till date, they are been affected by this infection.

I’m afraid the players in team India are on the verge of having the same adverse effects.


If your integrity for the team is questioned, you reply back with if we have played the game? Or represented the country?

No! Boss. We are the fans you represent us & our country. Without us you have no value & BCCI knows it more than anybody in the world fact to the matter.


Let’s compare the behaviours, attitude & passion so that we could understand how franchise is getting bigger monster.

1. Captain Kohli sharing light moments after loosing the match representing the country.

2. Dhoni-Kohli-Pandya after matches at the IPL.

Sometimes, I doubt as a true passionate cricket fan and raise my eye brows with few questions left in my heart.

  1. Don’t you get hurt after loosing ICC’s event final? as compared IPL league matches?
  2. Who on earth gave permission to DHONI to be there at the field for no-ball controversy?
  3. Prior to these have there-not been any bad umpiring decisions?
  4. Why your emotions are so high at the time of IPL as compared to representing your country? Money cannot be the answer I guess at-least for Indian players.
  5. How on earth these IPL matches have so many sub plots, twists and goes to the wire?
  6. Why nobody questions you when you choose not to play domestic season but IPL?
  7. Is this hypocrisy?
  8. 50% of MSD’s match fee enough for breaching the IPL code of conduct?
  9. Will he be doing the same or Kohli in world cup or any International match being played with some similar rough decisions?
  10. What is BCCI governing body doing over poor umpiring and bad playing conditions?
  11. Why BCCI not indulging some laws and regulations in domestic or IPL which could be handy in International matches like pre-no ball calls, more responsibility on standing umpires or third umpires?
  12. They say MSD cannot bat like earlier in international games hitting fours and sixes in stands but he performs for CSK still the same. He even cries for them & show his emotions. Will he do the same in WC19?
  13. Pandya roars over Pollard’s shoulder like there is no tomorrow, will he even take 50% of his passion to the flight to London?

I won’t be surprised if this Indian team did not even make it to the semi finals.They do not have the following:

  • Attitude to win the world cup.
  • Squad is not ready.
  • Practise to be synchronised as National team.
  • Race among the poorest of cricketers in the middle order in the history of Indian Cricket.
  • Responsible players who could win you matches on their own.

Let us know if you could take a stand as Indian Team who’s having the guts to pull this off. Challenge for Kohli-MSD company.


A True Indian Cricket Fan

Bryony Jones
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