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What Is the Simulated Reality League and Why Is It Popular With Cricket Fans?

Simulated sports leagues are popping up across bookmakers and betting websites. As eSports and virtual markets grow in popularity, so do simulated reality tournaments. However, they aren’t the same. There are significant differences between them, such as the type of algorithm used and the competitors involved.

There are several sportsbooks to choose from, but cricket is rapidly rising to the top of the market as far as punters are concerned. Head to any operator that deals in simulated sports and you’ll find the Indian Premier League and Big Bash are marketed intensely. To get to the bottom of why simulated cricket is in demand, it’s important to analyze what it is and how it works.

What Is Simulated Cricket?

“Simulated” is the keyword. There aren’t any human players like in eSports or virtual sports. Instead, the computer plays against itself without any other input. As a result, the game relies heavily on artificial intelligence, as well as random number generation. Both are factored into the algorithm to make the game more authentic. The providers can also tweak the settings to make the matches more interesting. A prime example in cricket is leveling off the player ratings. That way, the contest is played on an equal footing.

Why Do Cricket Fans Like It?

That brings us to why cricket fans are running from wicket to wicket to sample the markets. From our perspective, it’s because of the following reasons.

It’s Authentic

This post has already touched on the fact that simulated cricket matches are authentic. AI helps, as it uses the latest data to produce results that you would feasibly find in real life. That means considering the recent form of the players and the teams, the pitch and weather conditions, and home advantage. For example, bookies work with cricket experts to analyze games and ensure they are genuine.

Aspects of traditional settings are leveraged, too, such as a live scoreboard. Whether it’s an IPL or Big Bash League SRL live score function, it’s implemented to allow punters to follow the action. This is the same experience as when supporters head to Lords or the MCG in person.

It Plugs a Gap

A less obvious factor is one of the most important – cricket isn’t available all year round. There are Test Matches, ODIs and T20 fixtures slated worldwide, but they have to be played in summer in the respective hemispheres. Games are by no means few and far between, not compared to the 1970s and 80s, yet there are lulls during certain periods.

Simulated matches fill a hole because they are accessible around the clock. The weather can’t force the players to abandon a session, and nor can bad light. As long as the servers are working, which they almost always are these days, the contest can go ahead as planned. Therefore, fans can get their fill when the cricket calendar is less condensed.

It Brings People Closer to the Sport

A couple of billion people may consume cricket globally, yet the sport can’t rest on its laurels. Not only does it need to keep the existing customers on board, but it must target emerging markets too. The incredible thing about simulated sports is, they connect gaming audiences with experiences they may not have tried before. These people go on to sample different cricket formats, which may explain why the sport is making inroads in Europe, a region that only has one major cricketing nation – England.

Hopefully, this has answered a few of the burning questions you have surrounding simulated cricket. If you have more queries, you can always play and see for yourself!

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