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Ketogenic Diet

How Ketogenic Diet helps you trim down?

Known by many different names like Keto diet, Low Card High Fat (LCHF), low carb diet, etc. Ketogenic Diet is one of the most famous and trending diet going on recently. In this, the body produces ketones in the liver which is used as energy as opposed to glucose which is the primary source of energy. […]


What is so special about the Atkins Diet?

Ideally recommended for weight loss, Atkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet and claims that one can lose weight quickly by eating as much protein and fat as you want as long as the carbs level is low. Even though this diet seems similar to Ketogenic Diet, what makes the difference is the introductory stage that […]

What’s The Best Detox Diet Plan To lose Fast Weight?

To lose weight and be healthy you should follow the Detox diet plan. Before this understand the term Detoxification, it is also a kind of treatment in which we focus on some diet tips to reduce the weight. It is alternative to medicine. If you are facing health issue like asthma, depression, diabetes, low blood […]