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Best Smart Phones under 10000 in India

Smart phones under 10000



The smartphone is an essential thing in today’s era. When you wish to get a smartphone, it is important that you know which ones are available in your budget. So here is a list of the best Smartphones under 10000 in India.

Best Smart Phones in India under 10000 INR

Mobile Phones Under 10k INR Price
Vivo U10 Rs 8,990 INR
Vivo U20 Rs.10,990 INR
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S Rs. 8,999 INR
Samsung galaxy M10s Rs. 8,990 INR
Lenovo K10 Note Rs. 8,626 INR
Honor 20i Rs. 9,999 INR 
Realme 5s Rs. 9,999 INR
Realme 5i RS. 8,999 INR


1. Vivo U10

Topping the best mobile phones list, Vivo phone comes with an AMOLED display and 6.35-inch screen display with 720X1554 pixels resolution. It has an Octa-core Snapdragon processor and 3 GB RAM. It also has LED flash and 8 MP front Camera. This Vivo product costs only Rs. 8990 and is a worth buy if you are not looking for something flashy. You can use this smartphone for long hours at it has a very good battery backup. The powerful phone is capable you handling the large time that you may spend playing games on your smartphone as well as using heavy apps.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S


The Xiaomi product is an updated version of its precursors, which is, it comes with a number of upgraded features which were already available in some of its previous models. Note 7S is the smartphone which is best is all kinds compared to most other Xiaomi products available at similar prices in the market at present. The display and camera are the best of its kind. All the great features of Note 7S is available at just Rs. 8999 in the Indian markets and that makes it one of the best android phones in India under Rs 10000/-. It has a great sleek design and critics rate it high for its amazing battery life.

3. Samsung galaxy M10s

Among other phones in the best android phones list, Samsung is a very well known brand, and it has a lot of loyal customers. Samsung is known for its classy and state of the art products in the markets available at all price ranges and all kinds of features. The Samsung galaxy M10s is available at a price of Rs. 8990/- in India and is the desired smartphone for a lot of buyers at present. It comes in a Samsung Exynos 7 Octa processor, 4000 mAh fast charging, non-removable battery, 8 MP front cameras with LED flash and a lot more. If you are a Samsung customer and your budget is within 10000 for you next smartphone then this is the product you should definitely look at.

4. Lenovo K10 Note


The Lenovo K10 Note is very popular among 4g phones in India under 10000, available in the Indian markets. Its basic price in India is Rs. 8626/-. It is amazing to know that high-end smartphone by Lenovo comes at a very affordable price of with all its amazing features. It runs on an Octa-core processor, Snapdragon 710, has a front camera of 16 MP and also a fast-charging 4050 mAh battery for long back up time. Lenovo is known for its electronic gadgets and is one of the popular brands in India for affordable smartphones at present.

5. Honor 20i

The Honor 20i is the smartphone with a triple back camera module. Its main amazing feature is that it has a 24 MP sensor and an amazing screen to body ratio. The hardware present is capable of handling the day to day needs of a person. The price is marked just at Rs. 9999 in India. It also comes with a 32 MP camera and quite good battery backup as well. If you are willing to move a little away from the general trends of buying a smartphone of a popular brand, then you should surely give the Honor 20i a try and see for yourself.

Other than a number of popular brands who have brought mobile phones under 10000 to the market, such as Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, Lenovo and Xiaomi that we are well aware of there are other lesser-known brands in the market as well such as Honor, Realme, Infinix and many more. If your budget is within Rs. 10000 there is a limited range of smartphones available to you. But you can surely try out the newer brands and judge the effectiveness of your buy first hand.

A new and not-so-popular brand does not always mean that it is not a good one. List down the features that you like and wish to have in your new smartphone and decide your budget. Check out the various smartphones available in the markets within that price range and have the features you enlisted. If both fit fine, you should go for it and do not worry much about the brand you are selecting. However, there is an added advantage if the comes with a warranty period. 

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