When will India launch 6G technology? What is the difference between 5G and 6G technologies?

difference between 5G and 6G technologies

While India isn’t launching 6G technology just yet, the country is actively preparing for its arrival. Here’s a breakdown of the current situation and the key differences between 5G and 6G:

6G launch in India

Officially, no firm launch date has been announced. However, the Indian government has outlined a vision document called “Bharat 6G Vision Document” with a roadmap for 6G deployment.
The document proposes a two-phase implementation:

Phase 1 (2023-2025): Focuses on exploratory research, identifying priority areas, and building infrastructure.
Phase 2 (2025-2030): Aim for larger-scale trials and potential commercial launches by 2030.
So, while we won’t see widespread 6G adoption in India immediately, significant groundwork is being laid for a 2030 launch or thereabouts.

Differences Between 5G and 6G Technologies

While both technologies prioritize speed and efficiency, 6G promises significant advancements over 5G:


5G: Offers theoretical peak speeds of 20 Gbps, significantly faster than 4G’s 1 Gbps.
6G: Target speeds up to 100 times faster than 5G, potentially reaching 1 Tbps. This could enable near-instantaneous downloads and uploads of massive files.


5G: Offers significantly reduced latency compared to 4G, around 1 millisecond.
6G: Aims for ultra-low latency, potentially reaching microseconds or even nanoseconds. This would enable real-time applications like remote surgery and autonomous vehicles.

Network Capacity

5G: Can handle more devices and data traffic compared to 4G.
6G: Expect a massive increase in connected devices due to the Internet of Things (IoT). 6G needs to handle this exponentially larger network with ease.

Other Advancements

  • 6G is expected to bring innovations in areas like:
  • Artificial intelligence integration
  • Holographic communication
  • Tactile internet (providing a sense of touch through data)
  • Personalized and immersive experiences

Remember: 6G technology is still evolving, and its final specifications and capabilities might differ from current expectations.

Overall, while we wait for 6G’s arrival in India, the nation is actively preparing for this next-generation technology, aiming to potentially launch it around 2030. 6G promises significant advancements in speed, latency, and network capacity, paving the way for revolutionary applications and experiences.

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