Ensuring food security and providing a constant supply of low cost and nutrient-rich food to the market is always a tough challenge. In fact, it is also a problem of the highest priority for India. With the advent of modernization and the adoption of new modern ways of life, the paradigm of focus has dramatically shifted towards the adoption of high-quality food. People are becoming more and more conscious about the health effects of the food that they are ingesting in their bodies. This dynamic shift has resulted from their desire to have a healthy body. They want bodies free of all kinds of diseases without the use of any laxative.

This present scenario has led to the exponential growth of the number of researches and studies that experts do in the areas of food. Food technology has rapidly evolved as a fantastic career option for Indian youth, and an increasing number of people are embracing this career opportunity.

The Broader View

With more than 1.5 billion mouths to feed, India is in dire need of another revolution, just like the green revolution. In this case, the only difference is that the revolution will not be lead to lush green fields. Instead, it will be undertaken under the controlled testing facilities of a lab. Food technology is undeniably the career option for the future. It is evident as food is one of those sectors which we cannot leave entirely at the mercy of robot. If you ask why then it is because robots only work according to the programming done.

However, in the sector of food, human interference is significant. It is because no one can compromise with the quality of food. Food technology is wholly based on researches to find the best ways or alternatives for the adoption of a new production process. It may also include its packaging and preservation and other elements so that the customers get food, full of nutrients. As the awareness of health is spreading fast, various career options are also opening in the sector of food technology.

Some of the options of this field are:

  1. FOOD TECHNOLOGIST: This is one of the major job roles in food technology. They are responsible for the safe development, modification, and production of lab certified food products on a large scale. In order to hold this job position, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in food science or a related field.
  2. NUTRITION THERAPIST: Nutritional therapist are responsible for giving advice and treating patients from a wide range of medical conditions. This they achieve by carefully analyzing their requirements for food vitamins and minerals. They also take into consideration their general health and lifestyle. They do this so that they can provide complete treatments.
  3. QUALITY MANAGER: The role of a quality manager is to manage the overall quality and safety of the food. Their job includes monitoring and keeping a  record of all the processes going on with the food. This makes sure that it is free from any toxic or health hazards.
  4. REGULATORY AFFAIRS OFFICER: The job of a regulatory affairs officer is quite crucial. They ensure that all the products being physically made meet all the legislative requirements of that particular region. They study scientific and legal documents and gather, evaluate, organise, and manage the information to form legal guidelines.
  5. SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY TECHNICIAN: The role of a scientific laboratory technician is to assist the food scientists primarily. They provide this assistance in performing their research and development and quality control. This pertains to the genetically modified food “cooking” in the laboratory. They analyze, maintain, and compile the test results as well as look after the maintenance of laboratory inventory and equipment.
  6. TECHNICAL BREWER: A technical brewer is someone responsible for the final quality of the manufactured end products.

These are some of the best career scope, which organizations offer under food technology. The various mentioned career options have the right pay scale in India and is in high demand.