Comprehensive Guide for Guests Posting & Guests Blogging

On Page SEO

Guest blogging is, undoubtedly, one of the great ways of building strong relationships that can help you in numerous ways, counting developing business opportunities and expert connections, setting brand value &, of course, gaining of link juice.

But, countless people in the industry aren’t getting the real benefits of guest blogging. They tend to view guest blogging as just an added link building tactic.

As of this, they continue to build poor quality content for submission to blogs that accept guest posting. Unfortunately, I guess that one out of ten blogs truly publishes this junk, polluting the web with trash.

Guest blogging is riding high presently, and the entire Internet Marketing globe is buzzing with talk about it. Some people consider guest blogging to be one of the greatest of available tactics. In contrast, others mock this viewpoint, saying that guest blogging is too misunderstood & that individuals are misusing it.

Why posting and guests blogging guests is essential?

As mentioned above, Guest blogging is the best way to build appropriate links to your website from authoritative websites within your niche. Bloggers are always in need of content, & many will jump on a prospect to add high-quality content to their blog that their readers will like. The hardest part of using guest blogging as a link development strategy is the first step – knowing guest post opportunities.

Now let’s talk about the importance and the benefits of Guest blogging offers countless benefits for any business. By sharing your knowledge on other companies’ websites, you can launch yourself as an authority figure within your marketplace, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field, and rendering your brand to a completely new audience.

Moreover, including guest posts on your own blog will assist you in giving a new viewpoint and new content to your viewers. We’re all responsible for falling victim to a routine and growing tired of the similar old stuff, so featuring guest posts is an immense way to keep readers interested.

How can you start guests posting and guests blogging?


Before you get started with guest blogging, ensure you must know about what you’re looking to get out of the guest blogging. Look for business blogs by non-competitor companies where you can bring real insight to readers.

Guest posting around the web is an ideal way to expand your reach and availability. It also isn’t tough to do, since a lot of blogs and similar sites allow contributions. Once you know the most excellent way to go about it, you can swiftly find yourself successfully placing guest posts regularly.

How to publish your guest post?

Getting a guest post successfully posted does take some time and effort. Well-known blogs tend to get lots of inquiries and submissions frequently. If you desire to maximize your odds for success, the following guest blogging guide will walk you through the most significant steps to take.

Choose a goal for your guest post.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several possible benefits you can attain through guest blogging. To get the most out of this prospect, you’re best off choosing a particular goal for every post. Then, you’ll use that goal to guide the choice you make about what to write, which blogs to approach, and so on.

Some possible goals you might have for your guest post are:

  • Growing your authority/availability within your niche.
  • More traffic to your website.
  • Allowing people to recognize about a new product, service, or other key improvements.

It’s worth noting that you’ll desire to be careful with the final goal. Most blogs accepting guest posts look hesitantly on content that’s too promotional. You can utilize a guest post to boost drive conversions and sales.

Choose your target blog.

Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, the next step in the guide is finding a site to target. This means selecting a particular blog you’d like to be published on. It’s good to start out by generating a list of possible target blogs, which you can narrow down later. To make this list, you’ll need to check out your own favorite blogs, in addition to those most well-liked with your audience.

Syntax to search for niche website over search engines

Most professional bloggers will start by knowing the thought leaders in their niche, & strive to interact with them on social media regularly. Establishing a connection with other flourishing bloggers helps you bypass several of the red tapes throughout the process. Or else, you will require developing a systematic way of reaching out & introducing yourself to these entrepreneurs.


The initial step to creating a list of authority blogs in your niche is to search Google for keyword phrases recounting your niche and include the unique, high-quality sites that show up in the initial 200 results.

Searching for “your niche + blogs” is the best and quick way to get relevant blogs for your business. Once you discover blogs, you’d be concerned in, initially check to see if they have a guest post system, or if they’ve accepted guest posts earlier. If not, don’t worry – this doesn’t immediately rule out their blog as a prospect for a guest post, it just means you might have to sell them on the concept. If you’re finding a blog for a guest post and they don’t have an account of accepting guest posts, fetch you’re A-game when you make your first contact. It might also help to chat in their comments section or contact them via social media for a few weeks to create a relationship with them, to make your guest post demand seem less opportunistic.

You can also start with the prominent places: look at the “Contact Us” & “About Us” pages to see if they mention something about guest posting guidelines. Some sites will have an option “Guest Posting” or “Write for us.” Remember that these links may not be displayed significantly – near the header, for instance – so make it a point to scan the sidebar & the footer for information.

If that’s proving hard, you can use the following queries to resolve if the blog even has some published guest posts?

Site: “submit a guest post.” “write an article” “want to write for us.” “submit your post.” “become a contributor.” “guest post by” “accepting guest posts.”

If none of these queries turn up some results, the blog possibly doesn’t accept guest submissions, so remove it off your list.

Steps to become a contributor?

  1. Becoming a guest contributor on a trendy website is a great way to build your personal brand.
  2. Publications are continually looking for fresh contributors.
  3. But, pitching guest blogging proposals and becoming a guest contributor at well-liked websites can be time-consuming for you.
  4. Every website has unique requirements and orders. Some need topic pitches, some full articles, and some need abstracts.
  5. Remember, it is significant you submit a genuine and original article on a topic that is related to each of this website’s readership. And before you submit everything, make sure you spend time reading the website’s articles, so you know what the website likes to publish.

Ensure that your articles are of the highest quality and well researched. Make sure you have a solid command of your topic. You might want to follow up in a firm but polite way with a brief follow-up email if you haven’t heard back in a week or so.

Only write for trustworthy and relevant sites.

Google hates spammy websites, so it is significant for many reasons that you only blog for useful websites. What is a high-quality and top website? You can judge a website by its domain rating, design & how user-friendly it is. You also need to find that it’s relevant to your topic and business. Keep away from associating yourself with poor quality & spammy websites as you could end up being penalized by Google, which indeed isn’t worth it. You shouldn’t desire to associate your brand with these kinds of sites anyway.