Headphones: What you should look before you buy?


Headphone to watch out:

Headphones, one of the most used electronic items used daily by almost everyone. Children, teenagers, or be it old age people, everyone utilize this utility for listening to music, watching videos or for making calls. That is why the competition in the headphone market among different brands is very high. Every brand tries to lure and attract consumers with different offers and quality products at the best price.


TYPES of Headphones-


There are two kinds of headphones people usually go for, which are Wired ones and Wireless or Bluetooth ones. Depending upon budget and usage, the consumer chooses the best for himself/herself. Also, in these, there are three different types of headphones which are 

1. In the ear
2. On the ear 
3. Over the ear



Then coming to the headphone’s designs, there are few designs manufactured by different brands for a differentpurpose. Take a look at the designs:


1. Behind the Neck
2. Canalphone
3. Ear clip
4. Earbud
5. Over the head


There are different activities for which different headphones are required, few of them are:


1. Sports Headphones
2. Gaming Headphones
3. Traveller Headphones
4. Studio Headphones
5. DJ Headphones

Headphone BRANDS-

As a customer, one has got a variety of options in brands. Speaking of the current market scenario, some of the best brands for the headphones are JBL, Sony, Bose, Philips, Skullcandy, Mi and Samsung.


PRICE RANGE of Headphones-


If you want to for wired headphones, then here is the price range of different brands offered by different brands:

 If you go for JBL, the minimum priced headphone is at Rs 700 and the maximum one can go for is around Rs 5000.
 In the Sony series, the minimum cost of the headphones is Rs 500 and the highest is Rs 15000.
 Bose Headphones are priced up to Rs 25000. The starting headphone’s price is around Rs 5000.
 Philips product’s starting is very low. It starts from Rs 250 and the costliest headphone is of Rs 3000.
 Skullcandy Headphone’s range is between Rs 500 to Rs 18000.
 Mi ones are in between Rs 400 and Rs 700.
 Boat headphones come in the range Rs 300 to Rs 3000.
 Samsung headphones are in the range Rs 400 to Rs 10000.

The range of wireless headphones increases as bettertechnology is used in these ones. The range is given below of different brands:

 JBL ones are in the range of Rs 1600 to Rs 10000.
 Sony series headphones start at Rs 2000 and are priced upto Rs 29000.
 Bose headphones are in the range of Rs 12000 and Rs 30000.
 The range of Philips is under Rs 3000.
 Skullcandy offers headphones in the range of Rs 3000 to Rs 19000.
 Mi does not offer wireless headphones.
 boAt one’s range is Rs 1000 to Rs 4000.
 Samsung headphones start at Rs 3000 to Rs 14000.



Many low-priced headphones don’t offer mic in it which excludes the calling facility. So, make sure the headphone’s specification is checked. Other specifications which a customer can check are:

 Deep Bass A thumping sensation one feels with the music.
 Flatwire– The wire does not tangle easily and safe from rough surfaces.
 Foldable/Collapsible– They are compact and occupy less space.
 Sweatproof– This would help in resisting the damage to the headphones through sweat while exercises like jogging and all
 Water Resistant– It saves the headphones from water as the electronic components get easily damaged when they come in contact with water.
 Noise Cancellation– The noise removal helps in listeningto proper calls and best music.




Under Rs 1000 In this category, boat BassHeads 220, JBL T250SI, Mi Basic, Sony 310AP and Skullcandy Ink’d are the best 5 to go for taking all the budget and specification in mind.



Under Rs 5000-In this category, boat Rockerz 400, Samsung level U, JBL T160BT, Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth, and JBL T450BT are the ones, usually, customers prefer these days.


Apart from these, there are many headphones available in the market with different specification. You can go for anyone depending on your budget and the kind of specification you want. Also, the choice should be made for what purpose you will use the headphones.