Is it Possible to Send Whatsapp Messages to People that are not in your Contacts Queue?


I am very sure that, whatsapp does not need any introduction. Everyone that possesses smart phone uses whatsapp for messaging and calling purpose. Just the internet connection is enough to send messages or make a call to anyone that is either in your country or overseas, this is why people would love to use whatsapp the most while comparing to other chatting applications. We all know how to send messages to our contacts, but do you have any idea about sending messages to the people that are not in your contact list.


Whatsapp introduces a new feature called “click to chat”. With this feature, you can start a chat with the people that are not in your contact list too. Hereafter, saving the contacts is not necessary to send messages. The point is that, you have to know the contact number of the person you want to message to, which is mandatory. Whatsapp will let you create the link that will let the user to begin a chat with whom they want to talk to. For starting a chat with the person that is not in your contact list, you should create a link first.


You can create the link using, You have to insert the phone number in international format. That is, you do not have to add zeros or dash or bracket at all.

Right Format 

Wrong Format

You have to click the link to start a chat with the person that is not in your contacts queue. This chat feature functions on both whatsapp web and phone.