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Keep Your Home Security System Up to Date


As important as it is to get a home security system in the first place, it’s also vital to keep that system up to date as you go along.


For every piece of technology out there, there’s some hacker who knows how to bypass or override it. And if we’re talking home security, then that isn’t something you can really afford to skimp on.


Your home alarm system protects your property, possessions, and family. It should be a major priority for you to ensure it’s exactly at the level it needs to be to perform the right way.


So, how do you keep your home security system up to date? We’ll show you how in three steps.

Keep Your Passwords Difficult

All those wireless home security systems out there on the market run on in-home wifi. That means they are protected by the same wifi protections that you have active on all your other in-home devices, such as your smartphone, your computers, and your tablets.



Your router, which you should have protected with WPA2 encryption, has a password on it that you set yourself. But you can also assign passwords to your cameras specifically.


As with anything, choose difficult passwords, something not at all easily guessable by passersby on the street or would-be hackers. Write the password down on paper so it isn’t stored on a device. Go for a strange combination of letters and numbers.


It’s the best way to do things when it comes to passwords.

Update Firmware

The elements of your home security system run on wifi and so are constantly connected to the internet. That means that, every once in a while, you’ll have to download new firmware for them. That’s just the software that lets them do what they do.


Chances are, if there’s a firmware update available for your security system, it’s for a good reason. It probably is going to make the system even stronger by closing a security loophole or adding an additional layer of protection.


Ensure that you do this whenever an update is available. That’s how you keep your system fully capable.


Use a Unique Network for Your System

One last thing to note here: it might be wise for you to keep your home security system on a completely different network from the one you use for all your other devices.




Because if hackers ever discovered that you had a security system and wanted to try to exploit it, then gaining access to your cameras, as scary as that sounds, would also give them access to your computers, phones, and so on.


By having two networks, you isolate the potential damage that could be done by hackers. This may seem like overkill to you, but it’s certainly one way to make sure that your home security system is as up-to-date as can be.


If home security is something you truly take seriously, then keep these tips in mind as you’re revamping your property’s protection, and you’ll probably thank yourself later.

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