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How to make a Career in Python Programming?


Python is easy to learn and is the next big thing on the block for those who are looking for new career opportunities. It is gaining a lot of popularity not just for developers, but for experts in other fields as well. With the different kinds of libraries as well as APIs, Python supports analysis, visualization, and manipulation of data. 

Different Career Opportunities in Python

There are several Python job opportunities that open up to you once you learn Python. Some of them are:

  • Software Engineer

The job requirements of a software engineer in a company require you to fulfill certain duties. Some of them include analyzing user requirements, writing and testing code and operational document, consulting clients and developing existing programs.

  • Data Scientist

The role of a data scientist in a company includes identifying all the sources of data and automating the collection. A data scientist also needs to preprocess the present data and analyze it to find out the trends. Other job requirements of this job profile include designing predictive algorithms and models, performing data visualization and proposing solutions to several business challenges. 

  • Senior Software Engineer


The job requirements of a senior software engineer need an individual who knows Python well. You need to develop software architecture of high quality and automate tasks using several tools. You even need to review as well as debug codes. Other tasks include performing tests for validation and verification and implementing design patterns and version control. 

  • Senior Data Scientist 

The job requirements for this job include supervising junior data analysts and building analytical tools. These tools help to discover patterns, generating insight and predicting behavior. Senior data scientists also need to propose ideas for providing leverage to processed data. 

  • Product Manager

The role of a product manager in a company is to research about new features in a user. Python tutorial helps a product manager to find gaps in the existing markets and decide which products should be produced based on its feasibility. All this requires data analysis and thus, employers seek individuals who know Python.

Why is Python important?

Python has unlimited scope when it comes to finding career opportunities. It is more simple than other languages which makes it ideal for beginners.  Python consists of a large community that constantly contributes to this language’s development. There exists a large demand and supple ratio when it comes to Python. This provides amazing career opportunities, especially in a country like India. Not only startups but established companies rely on it. Moreover, it is the most preferred language when it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Python skills that help you to land your dream job

Skills that you acquire when you learn Python can be broken down into seven components. These skills will help you to get the job you always wanted. These skills are:

  • Core Python 

 It consists of the basic knowledge that one acquires when he/she learn Python. You do not need to know about all the modules in Python but about the basic knowledge between Python 3 and Python 2.

  • Object and Relational mappers

It consists of the ability to connect to the database. You will be needing ORM not SLQ in order to do so.

  • Web Frameworks

It consists of learning the common frameworks of Python such as Panda or Django.

  • APIs

Python helps you to learn more about restful APIs. You will be able to learn how to use these APIs effectively and how to integrate several components within them.

  • Understanding Multi-Process Architecture

Python helps you to learn Multipurpose Architecture which consists of the ability to manage and write threads. This ensures high performance.

  • Effective Design and Communication Skills

It helps you to learn how to communicate effectively with other members. It also ensures that servers that are secure, highly available and scalable, are implemented. 

The growth of Python is phenomenal. There are several online as well as offline certification courses that can help you to learn this general-purpose language. If you gain the right skills, you will be able to land the right job. 

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