7 Jobs You Can Land if You Learn Python


Python is an ever-growing language in programming. There are several tech companies such as Netflix, Reddit, Instagram, Spotify and Google, who use Python. However, apart from the tech companies, there are several other companies from different fields that are dependent on Python as well. To be honest, Python finds its use everywhere – from your local bank to the New York Times. While it is an obvious choice to become a Python Developer once you learn the language, there are several other job profiles where knowing Python can be an asset. Here are some of the Python jobs that you can land once you learn Python:


  • Data Analysts

Data analysts help to find meaning out of complex, large data. People who know Python can become good data analysts as your knowledge works as an asset. In fact, you can use popular Python Libraries such as Pandas and SciPy in order to go through data swiftly. Python is regarded as one of the important languages for machine learning and this is why top companies are looking to recruit individuals who know Python as data analysts. 


  • Product Manager


Companies like to hire individuals, who know Python, as product managers. The job requirements of a product manager include researching features of new users, looking for gaps in the current market and presenting arguments in favor of the products that are being manufactured. For all these functions to occur smoothly, you need to analyze data effectively. This is where the individuals who know Python get an added advantage over people who don’t. 


  • Python developer

The obvious choice if you know Python is to become a Python developer. It is a lucrative career which can help you to land a big, fat pay-check. A Python developer is needed in every company in order to build websites. The developers need to optimize algorithms for data and solve analytical problems. Other on-job duties of a Python developer include implementing data protection and security and writing codes that are efficient, reusable and testable. You can become a Python developer in a startup in case you are looking for a challenge or you can look for big companies as well. 


  • Educator

You can become a computer science instructor if you know Python. Once you learn Python, you can decide to become an educator and teach it to others. There are several platforms that look for educators who are experts at Python. You can get a job as an instructor in a University, online coding tuition platforms and even in boot-camps for coding. 



  • Financial Advisors

Big banks such as Citigroup prefer financial advisors who know Python. Banks look for individuals who are experts at Python as it acts as an asset. If you know how to write program codes, it will help to cut the cost and increase revenues in the future. There are several business schools that impart knowledge about Python to MBA students. More and more finance students are learning Python these days.


  • Data Journalists

It is an uncommon field of work where data will be able to convey stories. Data journalism is a special branch of journalism. In fact, if you are a journalist, it is important that you know Python. It helps you to swiftly move through heaps of information.  


  • Quality- Assurance Engineer 

If you want a ground-level entry to the tech world, this is the perfect job profile for you. It will help you to get hired if you know Python. Further ,you will not have to create the software as a Quality-Assurance Engineer, but you will be testing them. The idea is to come up with test plans for software and effectively test them. It may include development and execution of scripts using languages such as Python tutorials. Other job tasks include monitoring processes for debugging and documenting bugs found in software.

Now that you know about the several job profiles that you can score using Python, what are you waiting for? Start looking for Python learning courses to give your career a major boost.