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How to do Gambling SEO?

How to do Gambling SEO

Casino or gambling sites have always faced a lot of competition and it might seem that Google is never really impressed with the keywords you use or the SEO strategy you follow. Now, if you are really interested in broadening the organic reach of your gambling site, you should really pay attention to what we are saying. Now, the main thing to remember here is that the SEO scene of the gambling sites is quite different from other niches and the keywords here are also obviously limited. Now considering every other site aims to target these limited keywords, what you need to do is make sure your SEO strategy is broader and sufficient. Even in the case of backlink strategies, the number of sites for getting links from is just as limited. 

But that is enough about the problems. We are here to show you a way out.

Now it is possible to get some amount of traffic through SMM or Social Media Marketing. But if you are looking for a better Return of Investment or ROI, make sure that you have got your fundamentals in place. This essentially means that you manage to procure regular organic traffic without having to spend a fortune. There are several gambling SEO services, that can help you with this. But first things first.

Here are the basics you should aim for:

  1. Getting a high rank in the search results to get more visibility and continuous traffic
  2. This hank rank will also ensure a kind of trust as getting on page 1 also is deemed as a recommendation by the search engine
  3. Maximization of profits with the help of money-making and targeted keywords

Steps for a fool-proof Strategy for Your Gambling Site

  • Pay Attention to the Fundamentals of 


This is the most important part as this is where the gambling SEO Strategy starts germinating. There are some simple things that you absolutely cannot miss if you have to get your SEO game on point. Here are some pointers to give you an idea:

  1. Use proper H1 or Title headers and if necessary revisit all your past posts and make sure they comply with this.
  2. All your posts should have H1, H2, and H3 headings.
  3. There should be an apt SEO title as well as a meta description. 
  4. Make sure that the images you use have their alt-texts.
  5. The paragraphs in your posts or blogs should be short and with a high readability score.
  6. The URLs should be short and if possible, keywords should be included here.

Once these things are done, you will be ready to move on to the next phase.

  • Finding Proper Keywords

Considering you already know what a keyword is, you should know that locating a keyword that will give you a high ranking as well as help you make money is going to be a tricky task. But thanks to recently developed tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, etc, this is no longer as difficult as it sounds, thanks to their gambling SEO reports. They suggest hundreds of keywords along with the KD or Keyword difficulty percentage. Remember to compare this percentage for the same keyword using separate tools until you reach an average workable number. Use these suggested keywords after proper research to create your desired content. Gambling SEO agencies can also assist you in doing this job. 

  • Ideas for Your Posts or Blogs

Once you have identified your keywords and found out their ability to generate a topic, we move on to the next phase. This is where your content starts taking shape. This content will determine the overall ranking of your site by improving the internal linking and structure. Before all that is done, it is important that you choose a suitable topic. On one hand, the keyword will improve the visibility of the main topic and on the other, related subheads will provide fodder for a more in-depth take on the topic. This is where you need to go with the flow while formulating strategies for SEO gambling sites

Search with your keyword on Google and take a good look at the kind of topics that are trending. It might include listicles or “How to” kind of articles or maybe something completely different For example, if you search on Google with the keyword “Gambling sites” and find the top articles to be something like “Top 10 Gambling sites” or “Best Gambling sites…” – this should be your clue to follow suit. You have to understand that search rankings are usually based on the search intent i.e. the kind of articles the readers want to read when they search with a particular keyword. So this idea of SEO for gambling sites works best when aided by search engine rankings.

  • Optimizing Your content

You might have contents on your site which might not be doing very well in terms of ranking or might be struggling to get to the top slots. This is where the question of optimization comes in. Try searching for more keyword ideas from the various tools and try including them in your content. This will definitely increase your visibility and traffic. Secondly, try searching on Google for relevant FAQs, which will give you a glimpse of how you can make your topics more informative and meaningful.

Thirdly, one thumb rule to remember here is that Search Engines do not rank Stale Content. So it is up to you to keep your content fresh and updated. Keep posting new content and concentrate on your on-page for better rankings. You may also contact a gambling SEO company if you are not sure how to do this.

  • Optimizing the Speed of Your Web Page

Even if it sounds unlikely, the loading speed of your page is also a major factor when it comes to SEO optimization and search rankings. In fact, the core vitals of your web page has become a factor for ranking in Google w.e.f May 2021. Tools like Google Pagespeed Insights can show how well your page is performing and also make suggestions for improvements that you can incorporate into your page to offer your users a better experience with your web page and strengthen your online gambling SEO.

  • Make your Web page mobile-friendly

A survey showed that as of 2021, more than 90% of global internet users use their mobile devices to go online. This makes it very obvious that if you want the visibility and reach to increase with Casino and gambling SEO, you definitely have to make your webpage mobile friendly. So make sure you are delivering top-quality UI/UX to the users going online via mobile. Google recommendations say that you should use themes and templates, which are well-responsive on mobile. Furthermore, you will also find that the Google Search Central or GSC will send you a warning if this criterion is not taken care of. But how do you know that your website mobile friendly? Well, this is how:

  1. Your themes should be checked for mobile responsiveness.
  2. The request numbers should be considerably low
  3. While using images, remember to use the lightweight versions which tend to be more responsive.
  4. Your Java and CSS files should not be blocking how your page loads
  5. The design of your page should include great readability and speed. 
  6. It is not recommended to use Flash
  7. Google has its own mobile-friendly test for you to test your website on.
  • Proper Internal Linking

Gone are the times when hyperlinking only included external links with your anchor texts. Internal linking is one of those strategies which can give you great SEO for gambling results without spending a dime on it. It may even be considered to be one of the most important strategies when it comes to SEO compliance. It is proven that pages, which have great internal links as well as outbound links, fare better on search engines.

A Yoast article says that pages that have a number of links from other pages show the search engines that there is some really important article on that page. When you give internal links and proper anchor texts, the search engine also gets an idea about what the purpose is for these pages. 

  • Crawlability

Checking your webpage for crawlability is a step that will inform you about the errors in permission and other blockages, in general. There are chances that some of your pages have been erroneously marked as “Not to be Indexed”. So check your .HTACESS and Robot.txt files to ensure that this has not happened. You can also try to run a test on GSC to find out whether your web page is “crawlable”. You should already have an XML sitemap that goes through regular updates and is submitted to the major search engines.

  • Audits

It is a good idea to get your webpage audited at least once a month. If you are not confident getting it done manually, you can use the tools mentioned above to automate the process. These audits will make sure that you do not have any inconsistencies with respect to crawlability, the web core vitals, markups, internal linkings, and many other SEO parameters. When you find gaps here, you need to address them and get them fixed quickly to prevent gradual de-indexing of your website and to up your SEO for an online gambling game.

These points, as we have mentioned above can help you have a good grasp over your SEO strategy for a gambling website and let it find more visibility and reach to finally top the charts in the Google Search rankings.

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