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Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

Tech blogging was once seen as a pastime but gradually it has become a lucrative field. The top tech bloggers are celebrities in their own right with devoted followers on their blogs as well as Facebook and Twitter. One of India’s most well-known tech blogger, Amit Agarwal of Labnol earns an estimated $60,000 every month from blogging and other top bloggers earn similar sums.  

Here is a list of top 10 tech bloggers in India you should be following.

ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agarwal

Educated as an IT engineer Harsh Agarwal worked in Accenture for a time. He began blogging in 2008 as a pastime using the Blogspot platform (which became Google-owned Blogger). After initial success at blogging and a lot of appreciation from his readers he bought a domain and migrated the blog to WordPress. He changed the blog’s name from Virginia tech to ShoutMeLoud because the latter had an unusual appeal.

Due to his education and work his niche was tech and he wrote about his personal experience in the field. Gradually he learned about AdSense and SEO. His first income from his blog was $40 from AdSense. In 2009 he left his job and took up blogging as a full-time profession.

Labnol by Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee where he studied Computer Science. He had previously worked for ADP Inc in Hyderabad for clients like Goldman Sachs. In 2004 he quit his job to become India’s first professional blogger and founded Labnol.org. Labnol’s focus remains on consumer software and it receives close to 3 million hits every month. About half the readers are from the USA and rest from India and quite a few are from around the world. His blog discussion is well known for being clear, accurate and to the point.

Since leaving his job he returned to his home city of Agra and works out of there. He has a new blog Digital Inspirations with which he has merged Labnol. At Digital Inspiration he publishes how-to guides. He relaxes by listening to Jagjit Singh bhajans. Over the years Lifehacker has featured several of his hacks.

Telecomtalk by Tarun PK

A unique portal dedicated to the publication of the latest news in the field of technology and telecommunications describes Telecomtalk perfectly. As a leading and credible provider of news and analysis on India’s telecommunications industry, Telecomtalk has bridged the gap in the last decade between blogs that only publish content related to the development of telecommunications and technology only for portals.

Telecomtalk publishes daily news, interviews, analysis, policy development, and detailed reports. The portal includes news, from the launch of teams, joint ventures, research reports, mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of new rate plans and other business and market development. The team regularly contacts telecommunication decision makers and phone providers to present the most important events in the telecommunications and mobile telephony industry in India. Telecomtalk has 5 million page views every month.

Guiding Tech by Abhijeet Mukherjee

A full-time blogger Abhijit Mukherjee is the founder of Guiding Tech which is a renowned tech blog on guides and how to articles for gadget users. He began blogging in 2008 and always saw it as a self-employment opportunity. His income runs into several thousand dollars each month making him a top Indian tech blogger. He is no longer an active blogger but edits the website.

Guiding Tech receives almost 2 million page views every month from around the world. He has appeared on NDTV Gadgets and BBC. Articles from Guiding Tech have been hosted at CNET and Lifehacker. He has published ebooks on Chrome and VLC and plans to release more.  

NextBigWhat by Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha the founder of NextBigWhat began by profiling tech entrepreneurs and their firms. Educated at IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore he began by working in top-notch tech firms like Yahoo before turning his attention to blogging. This far his blog has focused on 15,000 startups and given them exposure to his millions of readers. His most favorite possession is his Royal Enfield motorcycle. He moved away from overseeing day to day operations at his blog in 2013.

Trak.in by Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is a self-confessed geek who has worked in the USA but moved back to India. He is passionate about the startup scenario in India and entrepreneurship. He began Trak.in in May 2007 to provide information to a wider audience about happenings in Indian startup ecosystem. His blog is now managed by a team he has handpicked. Trak covers a broad spectrum from emerging technology and fresh, new startups to gadget reviews and the latest internet trends.

Android Advices by Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani who lives in Hyderabad operates several tech blogs the most well known of which is Android Advices. The blog is about all things Android from tips and tricks to reviews of Android versions to Android-based gadgets and mobiles. His review of Android apps is particularly useful to his readers. He also runs another popular tech blog at PhoneRadar.

All Tech Buzz by Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a self-described engineering dropout turned tech blogger. He owns no less than twenty blogs but his focus remains on All Tech Buzz. He blogs about tips related to blogging, software review, and gadget review. Among his many skills, he also is a Web Designer and SEO expert. He is a popular contributor to Quora, the famous Q & A website where he writes about blogging platforms, SEO tips and tricks, monetization and more.

9lessons by Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas is an entrepreneur and blogger whose passion is all things internet. He began blogging using the Google Blogger software in 2008. And then set up the domain 9lessons on Sep 9, 2009 (or 9/9/09). He presents to his readers his ideas about programming using PHP and MySql as well as new concepts of SEO which help drive traffic. His core belief is good content is the best SEO. His website provides useful tutorials on web development.

Sprout24 by Ankit Prakash

Ankit Prakash is a tech entrepreneur at Aritic and EasySendy and a blogger. His passion lies in digital marketing. He writes about everything digital marketing from SEO and PPC to social media automation at Sprout24.


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